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Weekly Update #40

I know it’s been about a week since I last posted. Depression is a real motivation killer for me. All I’ve wanted to do basically all week is sleep and play video games. Which is more or less what I’ve actually done with my time.

At work, I started floorwalking, which is basically me answering questions as the new hires take phone calls for a few weeks before they’re on their own. I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s actually the favorite part of my job now. I enjoy helping the new hires and sharing my knowledge. Thursday, I was asked to stay an hour later than I’m usually scheduled with the promise that on Friday I would leave an hour earlier than I’m usually scheduled. Friday comes around and I get pulled from the phones to floorwalk again. When 3:45 rolls up on the clock, I practically begged to stay longer.

I’m also bonusing finally at work, too. An extra dollar an hour! My team lead is encouraging me to apply for the same position – team lead – since some spots are apparently opening up. I would very much like to floorwalk more permanently or move up in the company to the team lead position. I feel like I have the skills to effectively do either of those jobs and I just want someone to take a chance on me. No, I don’t have the experience, but how am I going to get any if no one gives me the opportunity to gain the experience? I hope the higher ups can see the potential in me like my last two team leads have.

I started cross stitching again. It’s been probably around four or five months since I last stitched something completely from scratch. I know I finished my first cross stitch not too long ago, but that was finishing something. I’m feeling more normal now that I’m stitching. And I can’t just put it down for six more months before finishing it – I’m stitching for Christmas gifts. I’m excited to give them to the recipients!

And to bring it full circle, outside of work and stitching, I’ve been sleeping and playing Borderlands with M. We plan to play through Borderlands 2 and then the Pre-Sequel. We’ve just made it to New Haven. Not bad for a week’s worth of playing after M gets off work! I play the Hunter and M picked the Siren. We actually work really well together, although it does annoy me sometimes how M needs to explore every nook and cranny when I just want to move on to the next mission.

Do any of you play video games with your significant others? Do you play well together or not so much?

Anyway, that’s it for me. As you may have realized, posting schedule is out the window for the time being. Keep it tuned in, though, I have some cool things in the works!


Forever Student

The APAC site I work at is changing the type of calls that it mainly takes.  That means we all have a new round of training to go through.  Super fun!

In fact, I just started training yesterday.  We’re being trained on Medicare Part D.  And holy shit, is Medicare complicated!  Lord have mercy on my poor soul when I turn 65.  After two days, my head is spinning around and around.  I’m just waiting for it to puke and pass out at this point.

I probably won’t really understand any of this anyway until I start taking calls.  Four parts, four stages of coverage in one of those parts – right now it’s just a mess of numbers and stages and random information.  So until I’m able to get into an account and answer real questions that real people have,  it’s just not going to click for me.  It was like that when I trained in regular member services, too.  Nothing clicked until I was on the phones.

And of course, I’m the last group through the training.  So at least there’s tons of people on the floor that already know what they’re doing that I can ask if I need help.  The other good part about training is that I have weekends off for the next two weeks.  That’s two whole days off in a row that I get to spend with Mr. English.  Super bonus!

Weekly Update #14

Another week gone by, my dear readers!  I don’t know about you all, but for me this week has just flown by.  The days themselves have seemed like they just dragged on and on.  Training is taking its toll on me.  It’s a lot of information that is A) kinda boring most of the time, B) sometimes repetitive, and C) sometimes very technical.  It’s also frustrating that we don’t have access to all the things we need to have access to to actually learn all this stuff.  But I’ve got three more weeks in training, then two weeks with someone on the floor to help us, so I know I’ll get it eventually.  It’s just a little frustrating at the moment.

I might also be frustrated because I’m still not used to mornings and staying up all day long.  I’ve been out of consistent work for over a year.  That’s a lot of my body getting what it wants, when it wants.  So I’m not getting as much sleep as I want/need during the week.  I’ve come home every day feeling exhausted and wake up still feeling exhausted.  I’m exhausted through the weekends, too.

And next week is gonna be a hard one for me – in order to have Thanksgiving off, we have to do four 10-hour days instead of the regular five 8-hour days.  7:30 AM to 6 PM instead of my easier-to-handle 9 AM to 5:30 PM.  On top of that, next week we start taking basic refill calls.  On top of that, I’m petsitting for my mom’s co-worker.  Goodbye, sleep.  I shall think of you fondly.

Other than that, I do like my new habit of doing my make-up and trying new hairstyles every morning.  I’m getting really good at braiding, now!  The downtime in class gives me the opportunity to plan out a bunch of posts and plots and stuff, even if I’m too tired to type any of it up when I get home.

I’ve also started writing letters again, which is fun for me.  Everyone loves getting something other than bills and junk in their mailbox!  If anyone wants a letter from me, drop me a line at dayoldsushiblog@gmail.com with your name, address, and maybe a few things about yourself!  If you know me personally, just message me on Facebook.

And that’s about it for this past week.  Let’s see how I handle this upcoming week…