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Weekly Update #7

Alright.  So here’s the deal, readers.  Weekly updates will still be on Sundays (with the exception of today).  Wednesdays will be topic posts, generally consisting of a specific thing I’m dealing with (money, jobs, moving, etc), with the 2nd Wednesday dealing specifically with Japanese language or culture and the 4th Wednesday dealing with a specific academic-type topic.  For example, I think I’ll be starting with cats.  The science of cats.  Yeah, that sounds good.  Fridays will be a creative day.  For the most part, it’ll be writing.  I’m going to try a mini-NaNoWriMo this November, so this month will be gearing up for that.

With that news out of the way, let’s get into the update.  I’m all moved home to IA.  Have been for about a week.  I’m not unpacked or settled in by any means, but I’m here and I’m slowly making myself comfortable.  Right after I got here, my cold caught up with me and basically KO’d me for quite a while.  I’m still sniffling and coughing and I would prefer to spend a good chunk of my day curled up under my fluffy, warm comforter in bed, but I can function now.  The day after I got here, I was down and out.  Body aches, backed-up sinuses, persistent coughing all the unhappy things that come with being sick.  So this week has been relatively uneventful in terms of things to write about.

But tomorrow, I should hopefully find out whether or not I got the job at ECC.  The direction my life will take in the next few months will be hinged on this one thing.  So, positive vibes, please!

That’s really about it.  I don’t lead a super exciting life at the moment.  It’s mostly waiting.  Waiting to hear back from a job, specifically.  And not just ECC.  I’ve been applying for jobs locally because I do need money to save up for my move to Japan.

Anyway, check back on Wednesday for the topic post!

Even if it’s slow going, enjoy the journey!



Weekly Update #4

Alright, I know I’m a day late again posting this, but life happens!  And by “life” I mean “my mom came up for the holiday weekend to help me pack up as many non-essentials as possible.”  So I’ve been busy working and entertaining.

But that’s mainly what I’ve been up to this past week: packing.  Packing packing unpacking and packing again.  I have a lot of shit.  Too much for one girl to really have.  If anything, moving home has shown me that I need to par down my belongings quite a bit.  My apartment and my room feel emptier.  Mainly because they are, but it’s also a feeling of a sort of sadness.  I have less than a month here in Minneapolis now, a place that’s been my home for nearly three years.  I’m really going to miss it and all the people I’ve met living here and seeing my place so much emptier is making the reality of it all sink in.  That’s life, though.

Otherwise, I’ve really just been recovering from over-socialization.  That wedding I attended last weekend took a lot out of me.  I’m an introvert, so by the end of the last night there I was sort of hiding in a corner going “Can I go home yet?  Please don’t talk to me.  Is it okay if I go back to my room?  Oh god, don’t come talk to me.”  I was running on social fumes, having used up all my energy taking bridal party and family photos earlier that day.  So it’s been nice to sit at home, alone.  To watch movies or TV shows and just sit, unmoving, on the couch for hours.  To lay in bed and read a book.  Don’t get me wrong, I like hanging out with my friends.  But I need a lot of time to myself, too.

Speaking of reading books, I finally finished Good Omens!  I bought my friend John and I a matching pair so we could read somewhat together.  But I don’t think he’s finished yet.  I think he’ll enjoy the rest of the book, though.  We’re both big Neil Gaiman fans, and we both have very similar tastes.  For example, we both adore Welcome to Night Vale.  New episode came out yesterday, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.  I had my mom listen to the pilot episode and she, surprisingly, enjoyed it quite a bit.  I didn’t think it was really her style, but she has a habit of surprising me.  She is not, as I found out, a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, though.

On top of brushing up on English grammar for my interview later this month, I’ve also been re-learning Japanese.  I cracked open a textbook I used when I studied abroad at NUFS, couldn’t recognize anything, and went back to my first-year textbook from way back in highschool and have been working my way up from there.  It’s embarrassing to me that I used to be fluent enough to hold my own in discussions about politics and now I can’t think of the word for “homework.”  I’m betting that it’ll come back to me once I’m over there and immersed in it, but I want to give myself a head start.

Well, I think that’s all for the weekly update!  I’m working on coming up with a new posting schedule for this blog, meaning I’ll be posting more than twice a week.  We’ll see.  I wanted to implement it this month, but I’m already off track.  I’ll catch up this week and hopefully get it all up and going next week.  So look forward to that, dear readers!

And whatever happens, enjoy the journey!