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An Exercise In Writing

Today isn’t a In A Hundred Words post.  But I will be sharing some writing.  It doesn’t directly relate to NaNoWriMo either.  It’s longer than I usually write, but still flash fiction.  It’s 300 words long and has actually inspired a plot line in my mind.  You’ll be able to read more if and when anything develops from that.

This wasn’t where he wanted to be. This place, surrounded by all these people, was foreign to him. He wandered from person to person, speaking in a language he didn’t know that he knew. Hands were extended and shaken, smiles moved from mouth to mouth like an epidemic.

He found himself in the bathroom without knowing quite how he managed to get there. He locked the door and sunk to the floor, loosening his tie. ‘Deep breaths’ he told himself, gasping in air as a terror built steadily in the back of his mind and the pit of his stomach.

He lurched towards the toilet, flung the lid up and emptied his stomach. Then, he double-checked that his stomach was really and truly empty. ‘Deep breaths’ he repeated.

A knock on the bathroom door. Shaking, he flushed his dinner and called “I’ll be right out!” At least, that’s what he hoped the strange words coming out of his mouth translated to. A voice replied, but he was no longer listening.

He splashed cold water on his face. He’d read somewhere that it was supposed to calm you down something to that effect. It had no effect. He repeated his mantra instead.

The door clicked open and he stepped out on trembling legs. He took one of his deep breaths and continued walking, one unsteady step after the next, back towards the crowd of people he wasn’t sure he knew, but he had to find his way out.

All he wanted was to get out. He didn’t belong here, amongst all these cufflinks and jewel encrusted rings. He didn’t feel at ease with the deep v-necks that didn’t actually end at the neck and the bow ties tied too tight like studded dog collars. This wasn’t where he wanted to be.

This is still Lovecraft-inspired, but it’s more inspired by Shane Koyczan and his spoken word poetry.  I was listening to a lot of his work while I was writing this little story.  If you don’t know him, please please please check him out.  I’ll be writing more about him on Sunday, so stay tuned for that, too!