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NaNoWriMo now NaNoWriNO

As you may recall, dear readers, I was planning on participating in National Novel Writing Month.  However, I’m dropping out of the race.  I just don’t have a fleshed out enough plot.  Not that that’s my excuse.  My excuse is now that I have a job, I have no time to sit and write.  Yes, I know that I could absolutely make time, but I would much rather spend that time sleeping.

As I’m writing this post and giving it some serious thought, now I’m thinking that maybe the main problem is that I’m out of practice.  Now just follow me here for a minute.  I haven’t written much since I was in high school.  Well, much creative writing anyway.  Excluding creatively meeting word count requirements for college papers.  So my brain is slow at working through possible plots and coming up with plausible characters.  Anything I’ve written recently has been short, shorter, shortest.

It’s like when you don’t exercise for years and then expect to be able to run a marathon out of no where.  Just doesn’t happen.  So I need to start exercising my brain again.  But first, I need to settle into a consistent work schedule.  My schedule will change in a few weeks and I’ll have to sort everything out all over again.  I’ll write when I have time or am inspired for now.

And that’s why I have quit NaNoWriMo this year.


Weekly Update #11

So.  This week’s been a little rough.  My brother backed into the front corner of my car and caused about $2,400 worth of damage while my poor, innocent car was parked in the driveway.  So that’s been an ordeal.  I won’t go into details because I might hurt someone’s feelings, but it was just a huge frustration that I didn’t want to and shouldn’t have had to deal with in the first place.  So now I have no car for however long it takes the insurance adjuster to get out here and adjust and then get my poor Leo (yes, I named my car) into the shop to actually get fixed.  Hooray.  Just what I needed.

But enough about that, or I might say things other people will regret.

Over the weekend, my mom helped me unpack decorations and hung up a bunch of pictures and posters.  Now the basement feels a little more like mine, which is a nice feeling.

I’ve started doing my NaNoWriMo, but I only have about 300 words in.  I’ve been doing research into the background of the plot and such, so I have been working on it, just not quite writing it.  I only figured out what I was going to write about three days ago, when November actually began.

Other than that, I’ve been playing Pokemon a lot lately.  When I’m not filling out yet another online application or taking a seemingly pointless “survey” or “test” about whatever job I’m applying for, that is.  I haven’t cross stitched in a while and I keep meaning to dig out my embroidery floss, needles, and hoops to get something started.  But that would entail having to make a decision on what pattern I want to make, and I’m currently in a state of mind where decisions of any kind sort of paralyze me.  Most things paralyze me, mentally speaking, lately.  The thought of calling a job makes me anxious beyond belief.  I still haven’t made a doctor’s appointment because just looking at the number gets my heart beating wildly.  Most of the time I just bite my lip and force myself to do it, usually allowing myself to curl up in bed for an hour or two afterwards.  Doesn’t make it any less hard.

Well, that’s about it in my life, I guess.  I’ve thrown a posting schedule out the window for the time being.  I’ll post as I have things to post about, although I’ll try posting at least once a week.

An Exercise In Writing

Today isn’t a In A Hundred Words post.  But I will be sharing some writing.  It doesn’t directly relate to NaNoWriMo either.  It’s longer than I usually write, but still flash fiction.  It’s 300 words long and has actually inspired a plot line in my mind.  You’ll be able to read more if and when anything develops from that.

This wasn’t where he wanted to be. This place, surrounded by all these people, was foreign to him. He wandered from person to person, speaking in a language he didn’t know that he knew. Hands were extended and shaken, smiles moved from mouth to mouth like an epidemic.

He found himself in the bathroom without knowing quite how he managed to get there. He locked the door and sunk to the floor, loosening his tie. ‘Deep breaths’ he told himself, gasping in air as a terror built steadily in the back of his mind and the pit of his stomach.

He lurched towards the toilet, flung the lid up and emptied his stomach. Then, he double-checked that his stomach was really and truly empty. ‘Deep breaths’ he repeated.

A knock on the bathroom door. Shaking, he flushed his dinner and called “I’ll be right out!” At least, that’s what he hoped the strange words coming out of his mouth translated to. A voice replied, but he was no longer listening.

He splashed cold water on his face. He’d read somewhere that it was supposed to calm you down something to that effect. It had no effect. He repeated his mantra instead.

The door clicked open and he stepped out on trembling legs. He took one of his deep breaths and continued walking, one unsteady step after the next, back towards the crowd of people he wasn’t sure he knew, but he had to find his way out.

All he wanted was to get out. He didn’t belong here, amongst all these cufflinks and jewel encrusted rings. He didn’t feel at ease with the deep v-necks that didn’t actually end at the neck and the bow ties tied too tight like studded dog collars. This wasn’t where he wanted to be.

This is still Lovecraft-inspired, but it’s more inspired by Shane Koyczan and his spoken word poetry.  I was listening to a lot of his work while I was writing this little story.  If you don’t know him, please please please check him out.  I’ll be writing more about him on Sunday, so stay tuned for that, too!


Plot Whole?

So as I’m fairly certain I mentioned in previous posts, I’m gearing up to do NaNoWriMo (which is short for National Novel Writing Month) next month.  But I haven’t written anything longer than 1,000 words since sophomore year of University of Iowa.  I like writing short stories – the shorter the better is what I’ve been feeling lately.

But I’ve wanted to write a novel since high school.  Even now, I want to be able to write a novel.  But as November creeps closer and closer, I have no idea what I should want about.  I have no plot, no character, no ideas whatsoever.  I have lots of ideas that will work as shorter stories, but nothing that I think I could make into 50,000 words.  I don’t want to get to November 1st and have nothing and put off NaNo for another year.  But I’m really struggling.  My mind is still all over the place and I have a lot going on outside of writing.

I’m really hoping inspiration hits me over the weekend and I can get some plot outlined or figure out a character or two.  I’m still really heavily influenced by HP Lovecraft and Welcome To Night Vale, but I’m also reading the epic fantasy series by George RR Martin.  And watching a ton of trashy TV.  Lots and lots of trashy, drama-filled TV.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  Except I’m not really guilty about it.

And there ya go.  See how quickly I got off topic there?  I can’t seem to focus long enough to work through an idea in its entirety.  Maybe I need a change of scenery.  I’m living in my parent’s basement and since I don’t yet have a job and I hardly go out because I know zero people in the QC.  Maybe I need to go to a park or coffee shop and sit for a few hours or something to get the creative juices flowing again.  I start running on Sunday, so maybe that’ll help, too.

I don’t even have a little 100 word story to share today.  My creativity decided to take a vacation, it seems.  So I guess I’ll just leave it here for this post.  If any of you, my readers, are writers, please share your experiences with writers block or NaNoWriMo in the comments!

Enjoy the journey, even if you don’t know the plot!


Weekly Update #7

Alright.  So here’s the deal, readers.  Weekly updates will still be on Sundays (with the exception of today).  Wednesdays will be topic posts, generally consisting of a specific thing I’m dealing with (money, jobs, moving, etc), with the 2nd Wednesday dealing specifically with Japanese language or culture and the 4th Wednesday dealing with a specific academic-type topic.  For example, I think I’ll be starting with cats.  The science of cats.  Yeah, that sounds good.  Fridays will be a creative day.  For the most part, it’ll be writing.  I’m going to try a mini-NaNoWriMo this November, so this month will be gearing up for that.

With that news out of the way, let’s get into the update.  I’m all moved home to IA.  Have been for about a week.  I’m not unpacked or settled in by any means, but I’m here and I’m slowly making myself comfortable.  Right after I got here, my cold caught up with me and basically KO’d me for quite a while.  I’m still sniffling and coughing and I would prefer to spend a good chunk of my day curled up under my fluffy, warm comforter in bed, but I can function now.  The day after I got here, I was down and out.  Body aches, backed-up sinuses, persistent coughing all the unhappy things that come with being sick.  So this week has been relatively uneventful in terms of things to write about.

But tomorrow, I should hopefully find out whether or not I got the job at ECC.  The direction my life will take in the next few months will be hinged on this one thing.  So, positive vibes, please!

That’s really about it.  I don’t lead a super exciting life at the moment.  It’s mostly waiting.  Waiting to hear back from a job, specifically.  And not just ECC.  I’ve been applying for jobs locally because I do need money to save up for my move to Japan.

Anyway, check back on Wednesday for the topic post!

Even if it’s slow going, enjoy the journey!