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Weekly Update #10

I know, I know, I’ve fallen off the wagon of scheduled posting yet again.  At this point, I feel like you all know, my lovely readers, that a post will happen when it happens.

This last week has been just as uneventful as any other week.  Few bites on applications and resumes, but nothing that I could reel in, it seems.

Yesterday, however, I had to report to the county court house for jury duty.  Ugh.  The last time I got called for jury duty, I got in a car accident and missed the 8:00 AM time limit.  The lady I spoke to about it was really rude and it was just a bad experience.  THEN, I had to go back to the damn court house a few months later because two of the four people involved in the car accident protested the tickets they had and I was called to testify as a witness of the state.  One lady plead guilty before the trial, and I testified for all of 2 minutes.  Clearly worth the 12-hour round trip since I still lived in Minneapolis at the time.

And this time around at the court house, it took me 15 minutes to find parking, making me late to check in.  I got a rude lady, yet again, haughtily telling me that I was late and to try not to disrupt the instructional video.  Uh, yeah, thanks, maybe have enough parking for the 400 freaking people you pull in each time you call people in for jury duty.

So, I had to sit and watch this instructional video, then sit and wait for my number to be called and then sit and wait for me to be told where to go and then sit and wait for the selection process to begin all for naught because then I was finally told that my group was to be sent home as the defendant of the trial we were to sit on plead guilty and we wouldn’t be needed to fill in on any other trials.

Yesterday equated to me waking up at ass-crack of dawn, driving around a parking lot, being treated rudely, having to sit and wait to be told I wasn’t actually needed.  Felt like a waste of time to me.  But on the plus side, it totally counted as my jury duty and I can’t be called again for two years.

This week now is going to consist of me getting over my anxiety about calling people and making a doctor’s appointment.  I’ve had this ever-lasting cold that’s now starting to affect my ears.  My sinuses feel clogged and it feels like the pressure is all backing up into my ears.  Which is similar to the issues I had in 2012 where I had painful ringing in my ears for months and went to several different doctors and it still wasn’t fully resolved.  I also need to get my yearly check-up taken care of.  Oh, and let’s not forget I still need to change my medication somehow since it’s just not working like it used to or like it needs to. And hopefully somewhere this week I get an interview or some other positive job feedback.

I’m also still slowly trying to unpack my life.  So far since I’ve moved home, I’ve been unpacking as I need things.  A lot of my stuff is still in boxes and it’s cluttering up the dining and living rooms.  I not only need to get myself more settled in, but I need to get my mess out of my parents’ space.

That’s about it for my weekly update.  Thanks for reading, lovely readers!