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Weekly Update #39

So, the second half of this week kicked my ass pretty hard. Tuesday afternoon, my phone battery decided it was just done. Apple, while seeming helpful, actually did fuck all. Some personal health issues rounded up the week. At this point, not a damn thing has been resolved.

Wednesday is typically my day off, but this past week I felt like I worked more that day than any day I actually had to go to work. Woke up early, dropped my car off for an oil change, went back home to chat with Apple Support and then make a bunch of calls to places in town that Apple said would be able to fix my phone only to find out that lol jk no they can’t. Then it was a bit of a whirlwind with appointments with doctors and potential future employers.

From there, some personal health issues took off, leading me to call in to work Friday to deal with that whole can of worms I’m not going to open right now.

Saturday was a little easier. Work was fairly slow, making for an easy day. After work, I was able to take my mind off of things by going to the Celtic Festival with M and another friend of mine. It was pretty fun, except for when we ran into M’s ex. That was awkward for me. I’ve never met an ex before. I got jealous. M took the time to talk me down when we got home later that evening, which was appreciated.

Today, I’m posting from game again. I went out this morning and ran errands while M was at his H&R Block class. Got around to doing laundry finally, and just sort of took it easy on my day off. None of the issues started earlier this week have been resolved, but it was nice to just take the day as basically one deep breath after a week of frustrated yelling.


Weekly Update #38

First full week back at my regular life since my vacation in Minneapolis, and it’s been a week! I caught up on cleaning most of the day today, and then played The Sims 3 until M and I went to game.

In fact, we’re at game right now, waiting for everyone to show up. One of my friends from work is going to join us today. She’s wanted to try tabletop gaming for a while now and since her significant other recently moved to California, she has a little extra free time. I don’t mean that the way it probably sounds. What I mean is that she was spending all her time with her SO before he left for California and now that he has left, she now has the time to spend at game. Either way, I’m excited to have her!

I fear with the change in the weather as fall approaches, I’m getting sick, yet again. Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes… It sounds like allergies, but the thing is I am allergic to being healthy. I’m already stocking up on orange juice and cough meds.

Other than that, I applied for a floor walking position at work. If I get the gig, it would mean time off the phones, answering questions for the newbies on the phones for the first time. I put in for a few other positions as we’ll at I’m hoping to hear back from. I’m really looking forward to bettering my skill set and furthering my career, for lack of a better word.

Well, that about does it for me today and this week. Thanks for checking out my blog and sticking with me, dear readers. It really does mean a lot to me.

Weekly Update #37

This past week has been a whirlwind!  M and I left right after work on Saturday for Minneapolis, then came back to Iowa on Wednesday only to leave right away again the next Saturday morning for my cousin’s wedding in Wisconsin.  We just got back yesterday from everything only to work bright and early this morning.

I meant to post an update yesterday, but I ended up getting some new bookshelves as a hand-me-down from my grandmother and cleaning those up, bringing them down to the basement and transferring all my books from one cramped shelf to two nice, spacious shelves.  And then I took a nap.  Like a 5-year-old.  A 5-year-old in her mid twenties.  It was glorious.

Posting schedule will go back to normal this week.  Tomorrow will be In A Hundred Words.  And we’ll be back on track from there.

I bought a book a while ago called WordPress for Dummies.  I just now started working through it.  It’s about time I actually learned to do more than publish a post.  So also expect some big changes in the near future for little old Day Old Sushi.

In other news, I’ve applied to a few new jobs.  Hopefully I’ll at least get an interview for one of them.

I bought new labret studs for my lip piercing.  Unfortunately, mine is stuck at the moment.  The ball is screwed on too tight.  And also, it’s actually the starting stud from when I got my lip pierced because I was broke for the longest time.  So I’m gonna try a few tricks I’ve found on the internet here and there before I give up and go find a pierce-er and pout until they fix it.

I think that pretty much covers it.  Thanks for tuning in, my lovely readers.  See you all tomorrow!

Weekly Update #34

You know, I think I forgot to say anything, but as of July 28th, this blog has been around for an entire year.  Happy birthday, Day Old Sushi!

Now that that’s out of the way, on to how my week went!  This morning I made brunch for my parents and M.  I made almond cinnamon pancakes with caramelized apple topping and homemade whipped cream.  Bacon on the side, of course.  Bacon always on the side.  It turned out very well!  I even put some blueberries in a few of the pancakes – mainly for my dad since he loves blueberries.  My parents paid us back by making chicken kiev for dinner.  Served over rice – it was delicious!  I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunches at work!

I’m going to start writing more letters.  I might make a longer post about it, since I did get the idea on Pinterest, but who doesn’t like getting things in the mail that aren’t bills or credit card offers?  I have tons of stationary and fun ideas about how to decorate the envelopes and such.  I’m very excited because (hopefully) sending the letters means I’ll get letters in reply.

Today I also finally got around to cleaning my room.  Vacuuming, deep-cleaning the bathroom, picking up, taking out the trash.  It looks much better down here now and I feel a lot better.  I’d been putting off the cleaning for weeks now.  Partly because I’m a terrible procrastinator and also partly because I just didn’t have the time.

Also as part of my cleaning, I started tidying up my desktop and other computer files.  I also updated my planner with things like bill due dates and appointments.  Usually, I just wing it or use post-it notes to remind myself of things.  But I’m trying to get my life more in control.  The more organized I can get myself, the better off I’ll be, I think.  Trying to pay off student loans and trying to find a different job weighs a lot on my mind and I forget about the little things like needing to call to reschedule a doctor’s appointment or making a payment on my credit card.

Do you, my dear readers, have any tricks on staying ahead of the game?  Getting organized?  Share in the comments!

Weekly Update #33

Another week come and gone.  Still working on my various skills at work.  In order to move forward, I need to work mainly on my handle time.  So that’s what I’ve been doing.  It’s slow going, but we’ll see how I improve week by week here.

It’s my friend Mike’s birthday today!  I wanna wish him a happy birthday for the whole world to see!  Assuming the whole world reads my blog, which I know they don’t, but still.  Happy birthday, Mike!

And also a happy birthday to my boyfriend’s brother, Ryan!  He’s turning some kind of age.  I think we’re doing lunch with him or something.  I don’t know yet, I haven’t been told what the plan is.  But I have a card that I think will make Ryan love/hate me even more than he already does.  I’m kind of excited to see his reaction to it.

I’ve started doing a little bit of research into the possibility of going back to school.  I know, I already have 3 degrees, but none of them are really working for me.  I mean, I may still try to teach English in Japan, but I would need further education to teach Japanese here in the States.  Teaching really isn’t my thing, though.  And translating is more or less out because freelance work is not gonna pay my student loans back.  For my other degrees, there’s not much work in the music industry here in Iowa.  The music culture here is a lot more who-you-know than what-you-know.  And I don’t really know anyone.

I’m looking at possibly going back for Health Information Technology.  I would have to do it part time or online because I really can’t afford to not be making money.  I don’t want to have to take out even more loans, but right now I’m still in the research stage.  I think I would actually enjoy the work I’d be doing.  I like inputting and organizing data.  Color-coding things, answering questions about insurance and the law and all sorts of fun stuff.  I’m not even being sarcastic, that kind of thing is right up my alley.  Bonus: it would be a job where I wouldn’t have to be on the phone all the time.  And better pay.

Has anyone else gone to school for Health Information Technology or currently work in the field?  Let me know your experiences in the comments!

Weekly Update #11

So.  This week’s been a little rough.  My brother backed into the front corner of my car and caused about $2,400 worth of damage while my poor, innocent car was parked in the driveway.  So that’s been an ordeal.  I won’t go into details because I might hurt someone’s feelings, but it was just a huge frustration that I didn’t want to and shouldn’t have had to deal with in the first place.  So now I have no car for however long it takes the insurance adjuster to get out here and adjust and then get my poor Leo (yes, I named my car) into the shop to actually get fixed.  Hooray.  Just what I needed.

But enough about that, or I might say things other people will regret.

Over the weekend, my mom helped me unpack decorations and hung up a bunch of pictures and posters.  Now the basement feels a little more like mine, which is a nice feeling.

I’ve started doing my NaNoWriMo, but I only have about 300 words in.  I’ve been doing research into the background of the plot and such, so I have been working on it, just not quite writing it.  I only figured out what I was going to write about three days ago, when November actually began.

Other than that, I’ve been playing Pokemon a lot lately.  When I’m not filling out yet another online application or taking a seemingly pointless “survey” or “test” about whatever job I’m applying for, that is.  I haven’t cross stitched in a while and I keep meaning to dig out my embroidery floss, needles, and hoops to get something started.  But that would entail having to make a decision on what pattern I want to make, and I’m currently in a state of mind where decisions of any kind sort of paralyze me.  Most things paralyze me, mentally speaking, lately.  The thought of calling a job makes me anxious beyond belief.  I still haven’t made a doctor’s appointment because just looking at the number gets my heart beating wildly.  Most of the time I just bite my lip and force myself to do it, usually allowing myself to curl up in bed for an hour or two afterwards.  Doesn’t make it any less hard.

Well, that’s about it in my life, I guess.  I’ve thrown a posting schedule out the window for the time being.  I’ll post as I have things to post about, although I’ll try posting at least once a week.

Weekly Update #10

I know, I know, I’ve fallen off the wagon of scheduled posting yet again.  At this point, I feel like you all know, my lovely readers, that a post will happen when it happens.

This last week has been just as uneventful as any other week.  Few bites on applications and resumes, but nothing that I could reel in, it seems.

Yesterday, however, I had to report to the county court house for jury duty.  Ugh.  The last time I got called for jury duty, I got in a car accident and missed the 8:00 AM time limit.  The lady I spoke to about it was really rude and it was just a bad experience.  THEN, I had to go back to the damn court house a few months later because two of the four people involved in the car accident protested the tickets they had and I was called to testify as a witness of the state.  One lady plead guilty before the trial, and I testified for all of 2 minutes.  Clearly worth the 12-hour round trip since I still lived in Minneapolis at the time.

And this time around at the court house, it took me 15 minutes to find parking, making me late to check in.  I got a rude lady, yet again, haughtily telling me that I was late and to try not to disrupt the instructional video.  Uh, yeah, thanks, maybe have enough parking for the 400 freaking people you pull in each time you call people in for jury duty.

So, I had to sit and watch this instructional video, then sit and wait for my number to be called and then sit and wait for me to be told where to go and then sit and wait for the selection process to begin all for naught because then I was finally told that my group was to be sent home as the defendant of the trial we were to sit on plead guilty and we wouldn’t be needed to fill in on any other trials.

Yesterday equated to me waking up at ass-crack of dawn, driving around a parking lot, being treated rudely, having to sit and wait to be told I wasn’t actually needed.  Felt like a waste of time to me.  But on the plus side, it totally counted as my jury duty and I can’t be called again for two years.

This week now is going to consist of me getting over my anxiety about calling people and making a doctor’s appointment.  I’ve had this ever-lasting cold that’s now starting to affect my ears.  My sinuses feel clogged and it feels like the pressure is all backing up into my ears.  Which is similar to the issues I had in 2012 where I had painful ringing in my ears for months and went to several different doctors and it still wasn’t fully resolved.  I also need to get my yearly check-up taken care of.  Oh, and let’s not forget I still need to change my medication somehow since it’s just not working like it used to or like it needs to. And hopefully somewhere this week I get an interview or some other positive job feedback.

I’m also still slowly trying to unpack my life.  So far since I’ve moved home, I’ve been unpacking as I need things.  A lot of my stuff is still in boxes and it’s cluttering up the dining and living rooms.  I not only need to get myself more settled in, but I need to get my mess out of my parents’ space.

That’s about it for my weekly update.  Thanks for reading, lovely readers!


Weekly Update #9

This week has been much the same as the last few weeks.  Applying for jobs online, dicking around online or playing computer games, cleaning the house a bit, and this week I even cooked dinner a couple of nights.

But the big thing this week happened today.  I went running.  Well, more of a brisk walk/slow jog.  But it’s a start.  I’m using the Runkeeper app and doing one of the free couch to 5K programs the app offers.  By December, I should be able to run about 5K relatively easily.  Will I be able to run the quickest time?  No, probably not.  But that’s not my goal.  My goal is to get into shape and lose some weight.

Today’s 2 mile jaunt taught me that I need a few things to continue running comfortably.  First and foremost, I desperately need a sports bra that will hold the girls in place.  Second, I need shoes actually built for running.  Other than that, I’ll eventually be getting some clothes for running since I’m just making due with what I have on that front.

That was my big accomplishment of the week.  I got a reply from a job via email, but they did not include any contact information within that email.  So I’ll be following up with that early next week.  I’m also looking in to other ways to exercise such as yoga or joining a gym or maybe even joining something like swing dancing.  One of the people I met in Seattle does swing dancing and he could not say a single bad word about it.  He suggested that I try it, and I’m thinking that might not be such a bad idea.  I mean, I don’t know anyone around the QCA like I did when I lived here in high school.  So I don’t have any friends to go out with at all.  I need to start meeting people.  It’d be nice to be able to hang out locally instead of needing to drive to MPLS to see my friends.

Well, I think that’s it for this update.  Look out for the next post on Wednesday!

Even if you go slow, enjoy the journey!


Weekly Update #7

Alright.  So here’s the deal, readers.  Weekly updates will still be on Sundays (with the exception of today).  Wednesdays will be topic posts, generally consisting of a specific thing I’m dealing with (money, jobs, moving, etc), with the 2nd Wednesday dealing specifically with Japanese language or culture and the 4th Wednesday dealing with a specific academic-type topic.  For example, I think I’ll be starting with cats.  The science of cats.  Yeah, that sounds good.  Fridays will be a creative day.  For the most part, it’ll be writing.  I’m going to try a mini-NaNoWriMo this November, so this month will be gearing up for that.

With that news out of the way, let’s get into the update.  I’m all moved home to IA.  Have been for about a week.  I’m not unpacked or settled in by any means, but I’m here and I’m slowly making myself comfortable.  Right after I got here, my cold caught up with me and basically KO’d me for quite a while.  I’m still sniffling and coughing and I would prefer to spend a good chunk of my day curled up under my fluffy, warm comforter in bed, but I can function now.  The day after I got here, I was down and out.  Body aches, backed-up sinuses, persistent coughing all the unhappy things that come with being sick.  So this week has been relatively uneventful in terms of things to write about.

But tomorrow, I should hopefully find out whether or not I got the job at ECC.  The direction my life will take in the next few months will be hinged on this one thing.  So, positive vibes, please!

That’s really about it.  I don’t lead a super exciting life at the moment.  It’s mostly waiting.  Waiting to hear back from a job, specifically.  And not just ECC.  I’ve been applying for jobs locally because I do need money to save up for my move to Japan.

Anyway, check back on Wednesday for the topic post!

Even if it’s slow going, enjoy the journey!


Weekly Update #6

Okay!  So I’m back from Seattle and even though I have a few more days of stressing out over moving and working and all sorts of other things, I wanted to get a post up.  If I didn’t post today, I wouldn’t get to post until Monday, which won’t work for me since I want to start a new posting schedule with a bunch of different posts and stuff.  My free time on the plane to and from Seattle was well spent!

First up, I’m sure you’re all dying to know about how the interview went.  It went really well!  Very long, and also the most stressful and terrifying thing I’ve ever done, but I’m pretty sure it went well.  This was the most intense job interview I’ve ever experienced, so let me go into excruciating detail for you, my lovely readers.

You’ve all read about the application process in my previous posts.  Well, there was even more “application” work for this interview.  After I confirmed my interview date, I was sent four packets of information and things I needed to fill out.  Which included a 12 page booklet about ECC’s history and inner workings and an application very similar to the online version I had already filled out.  I was also required to bring a long-form CV and a short-form CV, as well as references, a copy of several pages of my passport, and copies of my three degrees.  That was a lot to get done, considering I didn’t have my diplomas or my passport here in MN with me.  Happily, I got it all done, figured out just what a CV was (it’s a curriculum vitae, which is a more academic version of a resume), figured out how to write a CV, bugged a bunch of people over whether they’d be okay with being a reference for me, and put it all together in a neat folder.

Then, came D-Day.  September 24, 2013.  A day that will live in infamy, at least in my mind.  I woke up at 4 AM, showered, took my time getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup, made sure I had everything I needed for the day, then I left around 9:15 AM.  I was only a block away from where the interview was being held, but we were told to be there around 9:30 or so, ideally starting the whole process at 10 AM.  But I was desperate at that point for some caffeine, so I left earlier to find my way to a Starbucks and get some sweet, sweet coffee.

When I got to the Westin (the hotel where the interview was), I finally met John, who I’d been emailing with, and Dustin, the HR head honcho.  They had us fill out yet another sort of application while we waited for everyone to show up.  There were eleven of us all together and we got going right at 10 AM with the two hour long information presentation.  I took notes, but most of it was stuff I’d already gone over in the booklet they’d sent.  Not too bad, if a bit long and slightly boring.

Then, slight break and then the grammar test.  100 questions, multiple choice, needed 70 to pass and proceed with the interview process.  Doesn’t sound too bad until your future is depending on you knowing what a modal verb is (hint: I still don’t) and knowing some teaching terms like realia.  I passed, but four people got cut.  That left seven of us after lunch for the teaching demonstrations.  I was placed in a group of three and we were given “run” “jump” “skip” “hop” etc to teach, along with the “Can you [blank]?” “Yes, I can./No, I can’t.” thing.  Anne had told me that you just need to be energetic and willing to make a fool of yourself (which I do on a daily basis).  So, I was energetic and very much made a fool of myself.  I got the “students” (the other potential hires) to laugh, and I’m pretty sure I got John to crack a smile when I was trying to teach “Can you walk?” “No, I can’t.” I took a step and fell to the ground and crawled on my hands and knees – “No, I can’t.”

After that, there was another break of sorts where the remaining potential hires got to sit outside while John and Dustin debated over whether to continue with each one of us or to send us packing.  We laughed to keep from crying, and three more of us got cut.  That left me, two other girls, and a guy.  Four of us.  Out of eleven, we were now four.  We did our one-on-one interviews and then that was it.  That was the end of the day.  And the kicker is we STILL don’t know whether or not we got the job.  We won’t know for nearly two weeks.  The earliest I’ll know, John told me, is by October 8th.  And that’s just if they want to offer me a job.  I might not know when and where until 90 days before I would leave.  I still get to sit and worry over my future until October 8th.  Awesome!

But to relieve that stress, the four survivors went out for dinner and drinks.  It was nice to hang out with them outside of the interview setting and blow off some steam.  They’re all cool people – Miranda, Charles, and Cheryl – and I wish them the absolute best!  I hope we all make it over to Japan, so we can get a round together again.  Besides, I owe Cheryl two drinks since she was unable to partake with us that evening.

Well, this post is already too long, so I’ll leave my update at that.  I’m stress-sick now, too, so I need to nurse my poor sinuses.  On top of that, I move home to IA shortly and that’ll be a whole ‘nother thing to post about.  So, look forward to that, dear readers!

However it goes, enjoy the journey.