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Weekly Update #39

So, the second half of this week kicked my ass pretty hard. Tuesday afternoon, my phone battery decided it was just done. Apple, while seeming helpful, actually did fuck all. Some personal health issues rounded up the week. At this point, not a damn thing has been resolved.

Wednesday is typically my day off, but this past week I felt like I worked more that day than any day I actually had to go to work. Woke up early, dropped my car off for an oil change, went back home to chat with Apple Support and then make a bunch of calls to places in town that Apple said would be able to fix my phone only to find out that lol jk no they can’t. Then it was a bit of a whirlwind with appointments with doctors and potential future employers.

From there, some personal health issues took off, leading me to call in to work Friday to deal with that whole can of worms I’m not going to open right now.

Saturday was a little easier. Work was fairly slow, making for an easy day. After work, I was able to take my mind off of things by going to the Celtic Festival with M and another friend of mine. It was pretty fun, except for when we ran into M’s ex. That was awkward for me. I’ve never met an ex before. I got jealous. M took the time to talk me down when we got home later that evening, which was appreciated.

Today, I’m posting from game again. I went out this morning and ran errands while M was at his H&R Block class. Got around to doing laundry finally, and just sort of took it easy on my day off. None of the issues started earlier this week have been resolved, but it was nice to just take the day as basically one deep breath after a week of frustrated yelling.


Weekly Update #12

Big news this week, dear readers!  After over a year of applications and let downs, I finally landed a job!  You’re now reading the blog of an employee of APAC Customer Services and this employee could not be more excited.  On top of finally having an income, this place just seems awesome.  Everyone I’ve talked to so far seems beyond cool and I really feel like I’m going to fit in.

I don’t know the exact details of my position, but I will be working with/for a healthcare company and my calls will mainly be from older people.  I’m super psyched for that part.  I was told during my interviews that it’s important to build a rapport with these older customers and I (and the women who interviewed me) think I’d do very well with that.

Bonus to all of this is that this new job is also an opportunity to meet new people.  I don’t know many people that live in the QC, and those I do know I’m not very close to.  I need to make some friends so I stop sitting in my basement all the time, hanging out with my cats.  I’m not much of a social butterfly, but I do enjoy socializing every once in a while.

I start training on Monday, and the dress code is jeans all week long.  I’m pumped about that, too!  Jeans and I get to sit down instead of do laps around a mall?  Yes please!

I’ve also been doing some crafty things as of late.  I started and am about 3/4 of the way done with a new cross stitch piece.  I want to give that project it’s own blog post that I’ll get written up this weekend for you all, my dear readers.  So stay tuned for that!  And check back early next week for my report on my new job and how much I’m loving it!

Weekly Update #6

Okay!  So I’m back from Seattle and even though I have a few more days of stressing out over moving and working and all sorts of other things, I wanted to get a post up.  If I didn’t post today, I wouldn’t get to post until Monday, which won’t work for me since I want to start a new posting schedule with a bunch of different posts and stuff.  My free time on the plane to and from Seattle was well spent!

First up, I’m sure you’re all dying to know about how the interview went.  It went really well!  Very long, and also the most stressful and terrifying thing I’ve ever done, but I’m pretty sure it went well.  This was the most intense job interview I’ve ever experienced, so let me go into excruciating detail for you, my lovely readers.

You’ve all read about the application process in my previous posts.  Well, there was even more “application” work for this interview.  After I confirmed my interview date, I was sent four packets of information and things I needed to fill out.  Which included a 12 page booklet about ECC’s history and inner workings and an application very similar to the online version I had already filled out.  I was also required to bring a long-form CV and a short-form CV, as well as references, a copy of several pages of my passport, and copies of my three degrees.  That was a lot to get done, considering I didn’t have my diplomas or my passport here in MN with me.  Happily, I got it all done, figured out just what a CV was (it’s a curriculum vitae, which is a more academic version of a resume), figured out how to write a CV, bugged a bunch of people over whether they’d be okay with being a reference for me, and put it all together in a neat folder.

Then, came D-Day.  September 24, 2013.  A day that will live in infamy, at least in my mind.  I woke up at 4 AM, showered, took my time getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup, made sure I had everything I needed for the day, then I left around 9:15 AM.  I was only a block away from where the interview was being held, but we were told to be there around 9:30 or so, ideally starting the whole process at 10 AM.  But I was desperate at that point for some caffeine, so I left earlier to find my way to a Starbucks and get some sweet, sweet coffee.

When I got to the Westin (the hotel where the interview was), I finally met John, who I’d been emailing with, and Dustin, the HR head honcho.  They had us fill out yet another sort of application while we waited for everyone to show up.  There were eleven of us all together and we got going right at 10 AM with the two hour long information presentation.  I took notes, but most of it was stuff I’d already gone over in the booklet they’d sent.  Not too bad, if a bit long and slightly boring.

Then, slight break and then the grammar test.  100 questions, multiple choice, needed 70 to pass and proceed with the interview process.  Doesn’t sound too bad until your future is depending on you knowing what a modal verb is (hint: I still don’t) and knowing some teaching terms like realia.  I passed, but four people got cut.  That left seven of us after lunch for the teaching demonstrations.  I was placed in a group of three and we were given “run” “jump” “skip” “hop” etc to teach, along with the “Can you [blank]?” “Yes, I can./No, I can’t.” thing.  Anne had told me that you just need to be energetic and willing to make a fool of yourself (which I do on a daily basis).  So, I was energetic and very much made a fool of myself.  I got the “students” (the other potential hires) to laugh, and I’m pretty sure I got John to crack a smile when I was trying to teach “Can you walk?” “No, I can’t.” I took a step and fell to the ground and crawled on my hands and knees – “No, I can’t.”

After that, there was another break of sorts where the remaining potential hires got to sit outside while John and Dustin debated over whether to continue with each one of us or to send us packing.  We laughed to keep from crying, and three more of us got cut.  That left me, two other girls, and a guy.  Four of us.  Out of eleven, we were now four.  We did our one-on-one interviews and then that was it.  That was the end of the day.  And the kicker is we STILL don’t know whether or not we got the job.  We won’t know for nearly two weeks.  The earliest I’ll know, John told me, is by October 8th.  And that’s just if they want to offer me a job.  I might not know when and where until 90 days before I would leave.  I still get to sit and worry over my future until October 8th.  Awesome!

But to relieve that stress, the four survivors went out for dinner and drinks.  It was nice to hang out with them outside of the interview setting and blow off some steam.  They’re all cool people – Miranda, Charles, and Cheryl – and I wish them the absolute best!  I hope we all make it over to Japan, so we can get a round together again.  Besides, I owe Cheryl two drinks since she was unable to partake with us that evening.

Well, this post is already too long, so I’ll leave my update at that.  I’m stress-sick now, too, so I need to nurse my poor sinuses.  On top of that, I move home to IA shortly and that’ll be a whole ‘nother thing to post about.  So, look forward to that, dear readers!

However it goes, enjoy the journey.


My dear readers, I’ve fallen off the wagon of regular posting.  A lot of stress has hit all at once and I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.  On top of a short stint at the Ren Fair, I caught a bit of a cold that I wanted to kill before my big interview on Tuesday.  (Note: My immune system is notoriously bad at doing its job – when I get sick, I either get really sick or stay sick for months.)  And now, I need to prepare for my upcoming interview with ECC as well as pack everything but the essentials for my big move back to IA.  My mom is coming up again this weekend to take home pretty much everything that isn’t large furniture.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m a bit busy with life and all its happenings.  I’ll resume posting on schedule after my trip to Seattle and potential life-changing interview with ECC.  But until then* you’ll all just have to amuse yourselves some other way.  It’ll be hard, I know, but I believe in you, my lovely readers.  You’ll get through this dark, dark time.  I can already see the light on the other side of this tragedy.

Okay, my sass is starting to show, so I’ll leave it here.  Off I go to get shit done!

Even if you need to take a break, enjoy the journey!


*”Then” being Wednesday or Thursday of next week.