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Weekly Update #37

This past week has been a whirlwind!  M and I left right after work on Saturday for Minneapolis, then came back to Iowa on Wednesday only to leave right away again the next Saturday morning for my cousin’s wedding in Wisconsin.  We just got back yesterday from everything only to work bright and early this morning.

I meant to post an update yesterday, but I ended up getting some new bookshelves as a hand-me-down from my grandmother and cleaning those up, bringing them down to the basement and transferring all my books from one cramped shelf to two nice, spacious shelves.  And then I took a nap.  Like a 5-year-old.  A 5-year-old in her mid twenties.  It was glorious.

Posting schedule will go back to normal this week.  Tomorrow will be In A Hundred Words.  And we’ll be back on track from there.

I bought a book a while ago called WordPress for Dummies.  I just now started working through it.  It’s about time I actually learned to do more than publish a post.  So also expect some big changes in the near future for little old Day Old Sushi.

In other news, I’ve applied to a few new jobs.  Hopefully I’ll at least get an interview for one of them.

I bought new labret studs for my lip piercing.  Unfortunately, mine is stuck at the moment.  The ball is screwed on too tight.  And also, it’s actually the starting stud from when I got my lip pierced because I was broke for the longest time.  So I’m gonna try a few tricks I’ve found on the internet here and there before I give up and go find a pierce-er and pout until they fix it.

I think that pretty much covers it.  Thanks for tuning in, my lovely readers.  See you all tomorrow!


Time Off

So, I know I’ve had some time off recently, though not really planned.  But this weekend marks the start of an actual vacation!  One that I’ve planned and saved for!  One that I’m very excited for!

Saturday after work, M and I will be driving 6 hours up to Minneapolis, MN.  We’ll spend four days bumming around my old stomping grounds.  Sunday, we’re going to the Renaissance Festival with a couple of friends of mine.  No real solid plans outside of that.  We do want to hit the Mall of America and I’m thinking also Walker Art Center and the sculpture garden.

Then, we come home and work for two days before tripping up to Wisconsin for the weekend for my cousin’s wedding.  It’ll be nice for M to finally meet a lot of my extended family.  I just met his this past Sunday at a family barbecue.

It’ll just be a nice, much-needed break from the routine of everything.  I’ll be able to see all my friends from MPLS and I’ll be able to see my family in WI.  And I’ll have M with me the whole time!

Even with my days off and my new schedule where I’m working an earlier shift and subsequently getting off work earlier, I still wind up feeling overwhelmed by everything I’m trying to do.  I’m hoping this vacation will relax my brain and help me get back in the mindset to tackle all my goals head-on.  I’m hoping it will help me re-focus on what I really want to do and lose the things I’m doing just to do.

Sometimes you just get stuck in your own routine.  And that’s exactly what vacations were made for.  Step outside of the rut you’re wearing down for yourself in your daily path.  Jump on to a trail less traveled.  I know meeting up with my old friends will give me new purpose.  John is such a brilliant artist and I’ve seen him take some great strides in his own career recently that make me want to follow his lead.  And Jamie struggles with a lot of the same productivity/focus issues that I do.  Lately, she’s been researching how to put her time to better use and her determination really inspires me.  Being around those two is going to do me worlds of good.

I have some posts scheduled to go up while I’m gone, but I won’t be promising a weekly update this week (I’ll be in Minneapolis).  And next week, I’m skipping the Pinterest Project in favor of my cousin’s wedding.  But after that, I’ll be back with more ferocity than ever in terms of my commitment to producing quality content for this blog to make it everything I want it to become!

“I Think I Need Some Space…”

M and I both live with our parents for the time being.  We’re both working and trying to pay down our massive student loans, as you do now-a-days when you graduate college.  Most of the time, M stays at my house because it’s closer to work.  M lives about 45 minutes away from where I live, and about an hour away from where we both currently work.  On days off, we typically spend time with M’s family at his house.

With both of us already lacking in personal spaces away from family members, it’s hard for us to have individual spaces within our already small rooms.  As much as I love M, I do need time for myself and I very much enjoy having a space that’s specifically mine.  M is the same.  He needs that same sort of space.

We finally rectified the issue.  M bought me a little desk and rearranged his room to make space for it.  I don’t really have room in my room for another desk, but I was able to make other arrangements for M.  He brought an old computer over and we cleared off a wooden table for him to use as a desk.

I can’t speak for M, but it’s very important for me to have my own space as well as time to myself to work on my own personal projects.  I love M, and I love spending time with him, but everyone needs time for themselves.  And that is usually facilitated by a space all for themselves.  I am really lucky I have someone who understands that and is willing to give me that space.

Hello, dear readers. As you may have noticed, I have been a teensy bit absent this past week. The reason has been two-fold.

One. I’ve been having some usage issues with my internet service provider. Those are being worked out.

Two. There have been some health issues within my family that I made a priority.

Things will be back to normal sometime this coming week. I appreciate you sticking with me, my lovely readers!

Weekly Update #34

You know, I think I forgot to say anything, but as of July 28th, this blog has been around for an entire year.  Happy birthday, Day Old Sushi!

Now that that’s out of the way, on to how my week went!  This morning I made brunch for my parents and M.  I made almond cinnamon pancakes with caramelized apple topping and homemade whipped cream.  Bacon on the side, of course.  Bacon always on the side.  It turned out very well!  I even put some blueberries in a few of the pancakes – mainly for my dad since he loves blueberries.  My parents paid us back by making chicken kiev for dinner.  Served over rice – it was delicious!  I can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunches at work!

I’m going to start writing more letters.  I might make a longer post about it, since I did get the idea on Pinterest, but who doesn’t like getting things in the mail that aren’t bills or credit card offers?  I have tons of stationary and fun ideas about how to decorate the envelopes and such.  I’m very excited because (hopefully) sending the letters means I’ll get letters in reply.

Today I also finally got around to cleaning my room.  Vacuuming, deep-cleaning the bathroom, picking up, taking out the trash.  It looks much better down here now and I feel a lot better.  I’d been putting off the cleaning for weeks now.  Partly because I’m a terrible procrastinator and also partly because I just didn’t have the time.

Also as part of my cleaning, I started tidying up my desktop and other computer files.  I also updated my planner with things like bill due dates and appointments.  Usually, I just wing it or use post-it notes to remind myself of things.  But I’m trying to get my life more in control.  The more organized I can get myself, the better off I’ll be, I think.  Trying to pay off student loans and trying to find a different job weighs a lot on my mind and I forget about the little things like needing to call to reschedule a doctor’s appointment or making a payment on my credit card.

Do you, my dear readers, have any tricks on staying ahead of the game?  Getting organized?  Share in the comments!

Weekly Update #28

This week has been the same as pretty much every other week has been.  Work, work, and work.  Spending my free time with M.

On Wednesday, we took my parents out to dinner.  We went to a Mexican restaurant by the name of Azteca.  It was actually a really nice time.  We’d been out with M’s parents several times, so it was nice to catch up with my parents; have M get some face time with them.  I’m not really a huge family kind of person – I mean, I love my family, don’t get me wrong – but compared to M, I don’t have that strong of a connection with them.  I think it really comes from the military life M and his family had.  Moving around a lot like that really pulled them all closer together.  Where as with my family, while we did move around a little bit, we didn’t really bond quite that strongly.  I’ll always be there for my family when they need me, but I’m not really compelled to spend that much time with them.

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday.  I have the day off work (thank you, paid time off!), and M took the day off, too.  The plan was to be able to spend two whole days together (we have Sundays off, too).  Well, the plan was to do things for Father’s Day with our respective fathers, but that all kinda went down the drain when M’s cold or virus or whatever kind of disease he has caught up with him and made him very sick all day.  At the rate my poor M was throwing up, I doubt we’ll be able to spend much time together tomorrow, either.  He’s finally going to see a doctor, so hopefully he’ll get his health straightened out.

At least my dad had a nice Father’s Day.  My brother and I were able to be home and have dinner together as a family.  Dad was recently in the hospital (he’s fine now, it was just a bit of an issue with his heart), so it was nice to be able to have everyone together.  I know my dad appreciated it, and that’s what really matters.

In other news, my parents put down a chunk of money towards an iPad for my birthday.  I got the last part of my signing bonus on this last paycheck, too, so it really was a happy birthday for me!  Well, at least so far.  I still have all of tomorrow for my birthday to get even better.  My lovely, amazing boyfriend got me Japanese versions of Red, Blue, Yellow, Crystal, the TCG and Green!  Those are Pokemon games, if you weren’t aware, dear readers.  It’s a really thoughtful and sweet gift, especially because M knew I had copies of most of those games, but they got stolen when my apartment was robbed a couple of years ago.

And now, as a continuation of my birthday celebration, I think I’m going to play some Borderlands.  I haven’t sat down and had myself a good gaming session outside of Pokemon Y, and I’m long overdue.  Cuddle up with the kittens in my chair and shoot the living shit out of some skags.

Weekly Update #24

I’ve had a streak of bad days recently.  It’s just one little annoying thing after another that adds up to one big frustrating ball of upset-ness.  Luckily, I have M around to cheer me up and keep me from burning things to the ground.  By the way, burning things to the ground is my go-to stress reliever.  Not really.  But sometimes.

Anyway, I’ve been using my mornings for productivity recently.  Usually I’m more productive at night, but work just drains so much energy out of me that laying on the couch watching whatever TV show or movie on Netflix, cuddled up with M is about all I can manage when I get home.  But since M leaves for work earlier than I do, I have a few hours in the AM to get things done before I have to get ready and go to work myself.  And I’ve found that I start my days feeling better about life if I get things done in the mornings.  I mean, work generally kills those good vibes, but it’s still nice to show up to work feeling like life isn’t terrible.

Speaking of work, my team lead is having me apply for Ready Replacement again.  I just picked up and filled out the application last night.  Updated my resume this morning to go along with it.  So, fingers crossed on that.  When I was first offered the potential opportunity for the Ready Replacement, I was thinking I’d do it just to get off the phones occasionally.  But the more I think about it, the more I really hope I land this position.  Not only will it get me off the phones now and then, but it’ll maybe even lead to a permanent TL position in the future.  I’ve never had a management position before (outside of running my own photography business), and I’d really like the opportunity to see what I can do in a structured management position like that.  I honestly don’t plan on spending the rest of my career at APAC, but having that on my resume would definitely not hurt.  And why not be the best employee I can be while I’m here?

Also, starting today, my new schedule starts.  Now, instead of having Monday/Wednesday off, I’ll have Sunday/Wednesday off.  It’ll break up my week better and allow me two days to spend with M, but I am definitely not looking forward to working close on Mondays now.  But this Sunday is Easter and while I’m not religious and don’t celebrate that aspect of the holiday, I do recognize that it’s a day for family.  I will be having brunch with M’s family in the AM, then in the afternoon, my parents have invited me and M for an early dinner (since we still have game on Sunday, as far as I know).  Since I’m writing this post ahead of time, I can’t tell you how either meal goes, but rest assured I’ll definitely write about it during the week.

If you’re religious and celebrate Easter, have a happy one!  And if not, enjoy the weekend anyway, my dear readers!