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Weekly Update #40

I know it’s been about a week since I last posted. Depression is a real motivation killer for me. All I’ve wanted to do basically all week is sleep and play video games. Which is more or less what I’ve actually done with my time.

At work, I started floorwalking, which is basically me answering questions as the new hires take phone calls for a few weeks before they’re on their own. I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s actually the favorite part of my job now. I enjoy helping the new hires and sharing my knowledge. Thursday, I was asked to stay an hour later than I’m usually scheduled with the promise that on Friday I would leave an hour earlier than I’m usually scheduled. Friday comes around and I get pulled from the phones to floorwalk again. When 3:45 rolls up on the clock, I practically begged to stay longer.

I’m also bonusing finally at work, too. An extra dollar an hour! My team lead is encouraging me to apply for the same position – team lead – since some spots are apparently opening up. I would very much like to floorwalk more permanently or move up in the company to the team lead position. I feel like I have the skills to effectively do either of those jobs and I just want someone to take a chance on me. No, I don’t have the experience, but how am I going to get any if no one gives me the opportunity to gain the experience? I hope the higher ups can see the potential in me like my last two team leads have.

I started cross stitching again. It’s been probably around four or five months since I last stitched something completely from scratch. I know I finished my first cross stitch not too long ago, but that was finishing something. I’m feeling more normal now that I’m stitching. And I can’t just put it down for six more months before finishing it – I’m stitching for Christmas gifts. I’m excited to give them to the recipients!

And to bring it full circle, outside of work and stitching, I’ve been sleeping and playing Borderlands with M. We plan to play through Borderlands 2 and then the Pre-Sequel. We’ve just made it to New Haven. Not bad for a week’s worth of playing after M gets off work! I play the Hunter and M picked the Siren. We actually work really well together, although it does annoy me sometimes how M needs to explore every nook and cranny when I just want to move on to the next mission.

Do any of you play video games with your significant others? Do you play well together or not so much?

Anyway, that’s it for me. As you may have realized, posting schedule is out the window for the time being. Keep it tuned in, though, I have some cool things in the works!


Pinterest Project: My First Cross Stitch

As I’m sure you’re all aware from previous posts, I’m a cross-stitcher (check my Pinterest board).  I’ve been stitching for about two years now.  And this is the kit that started it all.  I stitched a bit of it to get the basics down, but then I set it to the side and worked on the pattern I really wanted to make.

In the process of organizing my crafting supplies, I found the not even half-finished kit and decided that it was probably about time to finish it up!

My First Cross Stitch1Since it came with its own little frame, I think I’ll take it in to work and hang it somewhere in my cubicle.  A little something bright and happy to get me through my days on the phone.

You can see in the heart where I started, not all the x’s are the same.  And I’m actually really proud of the back stitching, because I’m not very good at it to begin with.  I’ve been thinking about picking up a bunch of those little beginner cross stitch kits, finishing them, and then just leaving them places.  On a bus, at work, in a coffee shop, etc.  I don’t know if people would pick them up and keep them or throw them away, but I think it’d be a fun little project.

And bonus for today: my girl Juri wanted to know what I was taking pictures of and wanted to join in on the photography fun!

My First Cross Stitch2


Pinterest Project: Cross Stitch Diamond Arrowhead

This week’s Pinterest Project didn’t really come directly from Pinterest, but rather was inspired by an image I found while browsing Pinterest.

I am a cross stitcher.  I picked up the needle about a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back.  Most of my stitches I find either free around the internets or buy off of various etsy stores.  But this one that I’m sharing today, I actually created myself.  It’s based off of this image I found on Pinterest that ended up linking back to a tumblr site.  I really don’t know who the artist is; if you do, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

DSC_0091I’ve never actually made my own pattern before.  The finished product doesn’t quite follow what I plotted out on the graph paper.

DSC_0085I also decided to not do the drop coming off the arrow.  I didn’t like the way it looked when I tried stitching it, so I just removed it.  It left my finished product off center since I used a smaller, scrap-ish piece of aida cloth.

DSC_0089DSC_0087The thread I used is actually multi-colored, so it was basically one strand that changes from red to pink to teal to dark teal.  Looks really cool, right?  I got it at Christmas in a huge pack of a bunch of different and fun colored floss.  My mom always knows just what to get me!

DSC_0092As soon as I have the extra money to, I’m buying a pattern-making program I can use on my Mac.  And as soon as I do that, I’ll make a PDF of this pattern for those of you looking to try your hand at it.  Keep an eye on Day Old Sushi for that in the next couple of weeks!

Weekly Update #15

A few days later than I would have liked to get this up, but it’s been a long weekend, mostly without internet.  But now, at last, I finally have an opportunity to get this post typed up and live on the web.

This past week has been hell.  10-hour days at work, a massive Thanksgiving headache, and then dog/house sitting away from my cats and internet (two things essential to my well-being).  Work was the worst.  Another week without making it on to the phones.  Now we’re expected to be able to do everything we’ve learned so far, but I’m like, “I will only be able to handle basic refills since I’ll be too busy internally screaming to do much else.”  At least I know I’m not cut out for 10-hour days.  Or starting my days at 5 AM.

I’ve been getting these really bad headaches lately.  Like, massively bad.  They seem to last forever.  Smells, sounds, lights all bother me.  Ibuprofen seems to take forever to kick in and doesn’t seem to be as effective.  I don’t know if I’ve suddenly developed migraines or what, but I do know I’m already over it.

Dog-sitting wasn’t bad.  I stayed at the house at the client’s request.  A house with a view of the Mississippi river.  An absolutely gorgeous view.  Only downsides were that the house didn’t have internet and also I really missed my kittens.  It was really nice to have a whole house to myself for a while, though.  And the dog was a sweetheart!

Oh, I nearly forgot about my paycheck scandal on Friday.  I left out one number of my bank account number when I first signed up for direct deposit (which is the only way to get paid here) – or it got entered wrong somewhere along the line – and this caused the money I worked very hard for to not be in my account on pay day.  So I got to spend all day between HR/Payroll and my bank.  Finally got it figured out that one simple number went AWOL, only to be told by HR that I wouldn’t get a check until the next Friday.  I called my bank and was told that if I could get to a branch on Saturday, I’d be able to get my money by Tuesday instead of Friday.  Basically what I learned was that I fucking love my bank.  I bank with US Bank.  They’re awesome at everything all of the time.  Every time I go to a branch, I spend a solid minute gushing about how much I love them.  I mean, the banker that helped me on Saturday called and left a message on Tuesday to make sure everything went through alright for me.  I mean, what other bank does that?  I’d be dating US Bank if it was an actual person.  Seriously, I am a 150% satisfied and loyal customer and I swear I’m not being paid to turn this blog post into a love letter about my bank, but I’m seriously in awe from all that they’ve done.  A++ 10/10 Would recommend!

Anyway, that’s really about it.  I’d type more about this week (since it’s already Wednesday), but then I wouldn’t have anything to say in the next update.  I don’t know how many posts I’ll get up during the week since now I’m furiously working on all the homemade and/or DIY Christmas gifts I’m making this year.  I have several cross stitches to do and my poor fingers already hate me from trying to get the one I’m currently working on done so I can move on to ones I need to make for gifts.  And since I just got paid yesterday, I need to go out and get all the supplies and whatnot I’m going to need to make everything.  Oh boy.  Lots of work, but it’ll be worth it!  The gifts I have in mind for family and friends are going to blow their minds into a million pieces.  I’m excited!  Well, it’s getting late and I still have some work to do yet tonight before I can crawl into bed with my kitties, so I’ll sign off!