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In A Hundred Words

Nothing was left of the money except for a few ten and twenty dollar bills. He’d blown through the rest of the haul in a hurry just trying to get as far away from the scene as possible. And also splurging on some new threads.

He shoved the sad-looking bills in his nearly empty wallet and shoved the wallet into his back pocket. Taking a deep breath, he shouldered the black duffle bag that held the remainder of his belongings and shuffled out of the motel room.

“FREEZE!” The shout startled him. He dropped his bag and raised his hands.


In A Hundred Words

He laughed in my face. At least, that’s what his I-am-superior grin suggested. With his thick black beard only emphasizing the upward motion of the corners of his mouth.

So I punched him. Right in his face. His bearded, smirking face.

“What the fuck man?” He screamed, cradling his now-bleeding nose.

“You what the fuck, man.” I said, calmly raising my fist again. “No reason to be so uppity with me. I just asked a simple question.” My fist came down hard across his cheek.

“Goddamn, get off me!”

“Oh, I’ll get off you.” It was my turn to smile.

In A Hundred Words

In the end, it didn’t matter. In the end, nothing ever matters. Lucy would have known this if she’d ever bothered to listen to the Linkin Park CD her first boyfriend got her back in ninth grade.

But she didn’t. Liam knew that. He turned the volume up louder to hear over the sobbing. All the time and money he’d spent on her, he deserved something other than one timid handjob and a half-hearted breakup.

He had spent years of his life on her. He was going to finally take what he was owed.

Lucy wailed as he leaned in.

In A Hundred Words

I walked to work today. I missed the bus. The next available bus doesn’t come until three hours after my shift starts.

And of course, it started raining. And of course, I left my umbrella at home. And of course, it’s three days until pay-day so I can’t even pick a cheap one up from the store.

I saw one of my coworkers drive past me. Well, she stopped at a light while I was waiting to cross the street. Didn’t even roll down the window to say hello or anything.

Man, sometimes this job isn’t even worth it.

Pinterest Project: My First Cross Stitch

As I’m sure you’re all aware from previous posts, I’m a cross-stitcher (check my Pinterest board).  I’ve been stitching for about two years now.  And this is the kit that started it all.  I stitched a bit of it to get the basics down, but then I set it to the side and worked on the pattern I really wanted to make.

In the process of organizing my crafting supplies, I found the not even half-finished kit and decided that it was probably about time to finish it up!

My First Cross Stitch1Since it came with its own little frame, I think I’ll take it in to work and hang it somewhere in my cubicle.  A little something bright and happy to get me through my days on the phone.

You can see in the heart where I started, not all the x’s are the same.  And I’m actually really proud of the back stitching, because I’m not very good at it to begin with.  I’ve been thinking about picking up a bunch of those little beginner cross stitch kits, finishing them, and then just leaving them places.  On a bus, at work, in a coffee shop, etc.  I don’t know if people would pick them up and keep them or throw them away, but I think it’d be a fun little project.

And bonus for today: my girl Juri wanted to know what I was taking pictures of and wanted to join in on the photography fun!

My First Cross Stitch2


Time Off

So, I know I’ve had some time off recently, though not really planned.  But this weekend marks the start of an actual vacation!  One that I’ve planned and saved for!  One that I’m very excited for!

Saturday after work, M and I will be driving 6 hours up to Minneapolis, MN.  We’ll spend four days bumming around my old stomping grounds.  Sunday, we’re going to the Renaissance Festival with a couple of friends of mine.  No real solid plans outside of that.  We do want to hit the Mall of America and I’m thinking also Walker Art Center and the sculpture garden.

Then, we come home and work for two days before tripping up to Wisconsin for the weekend for my cousin’s wedding.  It’ll be nice for M to finally meet a lot of my extended family.  I just met his this past Sunday at a family barbecue.

It’ll just be a nice, much-needed break from the routine of everything.  I’ll be able to see all my friends from MPLS and I’ll be able to see my family in WI.  And I’ll have M with me the whole time!

Even with my days off and my new schedule where I’m working an earlier shift and subsequently getting off work earlier, I still wind up feeling overwhelmed by everything I’m trying to do.  I’m hoping this vacation will relax my brain and help me get back in the mindset to tackle all my goals head-on.  I’m hoping it will help me re-focus on what I really want to do and lose the things I’m doing just to do.

Sometimes you just get stuck in your own routine.  And that’s exactly what vacations were made for.  Step outside of the rut you’re wearing down for yourself in your daily path.  Jump on to a trail less traveled.  I know meeting up with my old friends will give me new purpose.  John is such a brilliant artist and I’ve seen him take some great strides in his own career recently that make me want to follow his lead.  And Jamie struggles with a lot of the same productivity/focus issues that I do.  Lately, she’s been researching how to put her time to better use and her determination really inspires me.  Being around those two is going to do me worlds of good.

I have some posts scheduled to go up while I’m gone, but I won’t be promising a weekly update this week (I’ll be in Minneapolis).  And next week, I’m skipping the Pinterest Project in favor of my cousin’s wedding.  But after that, I’ll be back with more ferocity than ever in terms of my commitment to producing quality content for this blog to make it everything I want it to become!

In A Hundred Words

She stood at the balcony, taking a long drag of a cigarette. She breathed in the soothing menthol, wishing she could escape the bass pounding out of the closed glass doors behind her.

Her brother watched her from his bedroom window. He hated the fact that she was here. Turning away, he turned up the music.

Their mother stood in the kitchen, mindlessly chopping vegetables for a meal she didn’t want to serve to a family that did not care. She turned her head towards the balcony. Maybe tonight would be the night she jumped, right there, from where her daughter was standing.

Pinterest Project: Button Friendship Bracelets


Today’s post is a bit of a throwback to middle school.  Friendship bracelets!  Although a bit more grown up this time around.  I love embroidery floss – stitching, knotting, braiding, tying, looking at, collecting… I do love me some embroidery floss.
Button Friendship Bracelets12My grandmother gifted me a whole jar of buttons she’s collected over the years.  I had lots of fun making these.  I found the patterns around Pinterest.  I’ve collected them on one of my boards.  Check it out!

Button Friendship Bracelets6Metallic floss is pretty hard to work with when it comes to macrame and friendship bracelets.  But this one turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Button Friendship Bracelets7This pattern I found on Pinterest.  This was the second button bracelet I ever made.

Button Friendship Bracelets4And this was the first.  Not really a button.  That’s actually a 5 yen coin from Japan.  5 yen equates to about $0.05 USD.  The 5 yen coin signifies meeting new people and good experiences heading your way.

Character Development: Week 5

This week, I have a short story about Millie and how she unwinds after a bad day at work.

She dragged herself up the stairs to her third-floor apartment.  The elevator was broken once again.

‘Perfect end to a perfect day,’ Millie thought sarcastically, jamming her key into the lock and twisting violently.  She shoved the door open, letting it swing shut behind her as she made her way to the kitchen, kicking her heels off and leaving them where they fell.

Once in the kitchen, Millie filled up a kettle with water and set it on the stove.  She turned the burner on and leaned against the counter while she waited for her water to boil.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Let it go,” She breathed, “Just let it go and move on.”  The kettle was not yet whistling, so she decided to get a little snack together.  Rummaging through her cabinets, she pulled out a tin of cookies.  She grabbed a paper plate and arranged a handful of cookies neatly.

The kettle let out a long, steamy whistle.  Millie set her plate of cookies on her little kitchen table and grabbed her favorite mug.  She moved the kettle off of the hot burner and went to find an appropriate flavor of tea for the bad day she’d had.

“Hmm, apple chamomile sounds pretty good.” She pulled a teabag out of the box and plopped it her Mickey Mouse mug.  She arranged her sugar and honey closer to her tea workspace before pouring the hot water over the teabag.

While letting the tea steep, she went to grab her laptop from her room.  She set it up on the kitchen table and pulled up Netflix.  She finished fixing her tea with two spoonfuls of honey and two sugar cubes, then settled in with her cookies and favorite show on Netflix – It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia.

Pinterest Project: Headphone Wrap

For today’s Pinterest Project, I have something that I’ve been slowly working on for a couple of weeks now.  I got the idea, like everything else I do for this series, on Pinterest.  You take your headphones, the ones that are constantly getting tangled up no matter how neatly you fold them up and put them away, and knot some embroidery floss around them.  Not only does this make the headphones pretty and recognizable, but helps them from getting tangled in your pocket or purse.

Headphone Wrap8I made the mistake of leaving the half-finished project out one night and of course my cats decided to shed all over it.  That’s okay, just makes it more mine.

The main problem I had with this, why it took me so long, is because holding the headphone cord and the repetitive knotting kinda hurt my hand.  When I add up all the time I spent on the project, in bits over a number of weeks, it probably took around 3 hours, maybe a little less.  So, it’s a project you can do in an afternoon, if you put your mind to it.

Headphone Wrap5I haven’t decided if I want to wrap the two cords that lead to the earbuds. The cord is thinner and I don’t know how to remove the little slide-y thing.  Also, I kinda just like it the way it is.

So, this was actually the last week I had something planned.  I’ve got to take the upcoming week to plan out some projects for the rest of the month.  If you, my dear readers, have any ideas, please share them in the comments!