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Day Old Sushi will be going on hiatus until January 2015. The blog will be undergoing a major makeover and realignment. I’ve been all over the place in terms of how I want to run this blog and I need to step back and re-focus on what kind of content I want to produce.

Thanks for hanging with me, dear readers, and check back in 2015 for a new and improved Day Old Sushi!


Hello, dear readers. As you may have noticed, I have been a teensy bit absent this past week. The reason has been two-fold.

One. I’ve been having some usage issues with my internet service provider. Those are being worked out.

Two. There have been some health issues within my family that I made a priority.

Things will be back to normal sometime this coming week. I appreciate you sticking with me, my lovely readers!

Living At Home: Giving Back

As you have probably gathered from some of my previous posts, I currently live at home with my parents while I try to simultaneously save money and pay off my student loans.  They don’t charge me rent or utilities or anything like that.  I don’t even have to pay for groceries if I don’t want to.  But after years of living on my own and taking care of myself, it’s still an adjustment, even though I’ve lived at home for almost a year now.

While I am grateful that my parents understand my financial situation and let me live with them rent-free, I don’t want to take advantage of them.  I do what I can to buy my own necessities like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and some of my own groceries.

The other thing I’ve been doing lately is cooking for my parents.  On Sunday, I made them brunch.  That was my own special cinnamon almond pancakes with caramel apple topping and homemade whipped cream.  Then, last night I made Mexican stuffed shells.  My brother had I’m assuming his girlfriend over as well, so I ended up feeding six people all together.  That recipe was a hit as well.

I don’t often have time to do other chores around the house outside of taking care of my own space, so cooking when I am able to is a way for me to pay them back for all that my parents are doing for me.

Have any of you, dear readers, had to live with your parents or other family members?  How did you pay them back for their kindness?  Let me know in the comments!

Okay, lovely readers. It seems I don’t have reliable internet for the next week, so I’m putting Day Old Sushi on a slight hold until I’m back where the internet flows freely from high in the mountains like spring water or some shit. On the plus side, I have plenary of time to at least type up a bunch of posts.

Alright, readers, I missed the post for character development yesterday due to power being out for about 18 hours and not having the post actually schedule to automatically go up on its own.  I am working on it.  You’ll get your post yet today, dear readers, be patient!

Weekly Update #28

This week has been the same as pretty much every other week has been.  Work, work, and work.  Spending my free time with M.

On Wednesday, we took my parents out to dinner.  We went to a Mexican restaurant by the name of Azteca.  It was actually a really nice time.  We’d been out with M’s parents several times, so it was nice to catch up with my parents; have M get some face time with them.  I’m not really a huge family kind of person – I mean, I love my family, don’t get me wrong – but compared to M, I don’t have that strong of a connection with them.  I think it really comes from the military life M and his family had.  Moving around a lot like that really pulled them all closer together.  Where as with my family, while we did move around a little bit, we didn’t really bond quite that strongly.  I’ll always be there for my family when they need me, but I’m not really compelled to spend that much time with them.

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday.  I have the day off work (thank you, paid time off!), and M took the day off, too.  The plan was to be able to spend two whole days together (we have Sundays off, too).  Well, the plan was to do things for Father’s Day with our respective fathers, but that all kinda went down the drain when M’s cold or virus or whatever kind of disease he has caught up with him and made him very sick all day.  At the rate my poor M was throwing up, I doubt we’ll be able to spend much time together tomorrow, either.  He’s finally going to see a doctor, so hopefully he’ll get his health straightened out.

At least my dad had a nice Father’s Day.  My brother and I were able to be home and have dinner together as a family.  Dad was recently in the hospital (he’s fine now, it was just a bit of an issue with his heart), so it was nice to be able to have everyone together.  I know my dad appreciated it, and that’s what really matters.

In other news, my parents put down a chunk of money towards an iPad for my birthday.  I got the last part of my signing bonus on this last paycheck, too, so it really was a happy birthday for me!  Well, at least so far.  I still have all of tomorrow for my birthday to get even better.  My lovely, amazing boyfriend got me Japanese versions of Red, Blue, Yellow, Crystal, the TCG and Green!  Those are Pokemon games, if you weren’t aware, dear readers.  It’s a really thoughtful and sweet gift, especially because M knew I had copies of most of those games, but they got stolen when my apartment was robbed a couple of years ago.

And now, as a continuation of my birthday celebration, I think I’m going to play some Borderlands.  I haven’t sat down and had myself a good gaming session outside of Pokemon Y, and I’m long overdue.  Cuddle up with the kittens in my chair and shoot the living shit out of some skags.

My dear readers, I’ve fallen off the wagon of regular posting.  A lot of stress has hit all at once and I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.  On top of a short stint at the Ren Fair, I caught a bit of a cold that I wanted to kill before my big interview on Tuesday.  (Note: My immune system is notoriously bad at doing its job – when I get sick, I either get really sick or stay sick for months.)  And now, I need to prepare for my upcoming interview with ECC as well as pack everything but the essentials for my big move back to IA.  My mom is coming up again this weekend to take home pretty much everything that isn’t large furniture.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m a bit busy with life and all its happenings.  I’ll resume posting on schedule after my trip to Seattle and potential life-changing interview with ECC.  But until then* you’ll all just have to amuse yourselves some other way.  It’ll be hard, I know, but I believe in you, my lovely readers.  You’ll get through this dark, dark time.  I can already see the light on the other side of this tragedy.

Okay, my sass is starting to show, so I’ll leave it here.  Off I go to get shit done!

Even if you need to take a break, enjoy the journey!


*”Then” being Wednesday or Thursday of next week.


So, I’ve started this blog to document the process of me getting a job teaching english in Japan as well as my (hopeful) move and life in Japan.

First things first, though.  My name is Kate.  I’m 25 years old and currently live in Minneapolis, MN.  I have a BA in Japanese and an AAS in Audio Production and Engineering, as well as an AAS in Music and Entertainment Business.  I would describe myself as a huge nerd, seeing as how I devour anything Doctor Who related and someday hope to serve on the Enterprise.  So, that’s a little bit about me.  Now on to how I got to the point of applying for a job teaching english in Japan.

I’ve known since middle school that my future career was going to involve music and Japanese.  Exactly how, I’m still not sure, but even now I am 100% positive that I will end up doing something with both music and Japanese.  I attended University of Iowa to get my BA and was lucky enough to study abroad at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in Nisshin, Japan, for a year.  It was hands down the absolute best year of my entire life.  But before I could go back, I wanted to learn more about how I could work in the music industry.  I’m not much of a performer, you see, but I can work behind the scenes no problem.  So, I spent two years doing that.

Now, I’m done with all of my schooling, I’m supposed to be an adult and know what I’m doing with my life.  Spoiler: I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.  I doubt I ever will.  But I think that now is a good time for me to “reinvent” myself, in a sense.  I graduated from my latest and last degree in January of this year, but I haven’t been able to find any kind of employment.  I currently tell people that I’m self-employed (because I am), working when I can find work as a photographer.  I get mostly weddings, but not enough weddings to survive.  So, with student loans looming above me, it’s a fantastic time to hide from my loans make as fresh a start as I can and try to avoid a quarter-life crisis.

This blog will be a place for me to put my journey into words, and I hope you’ll follow along to see where I end up!

Enjoy the journey,