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Review: Posh Pocket Word Search

Sometimes it gets a bit slow at work between calls or even when I have to sit on hold waiting for another department or supervisor to get on the line. I bought the Posh Pocket Word Search to alleviate the boredom that comes with listening to the same 20-second loop of terribly produced Muzak while waiting for the correct department to pick up. ┬áIt’s done a pretty great job so far.

I love the portability of this little book! It fits right in my pocket and doesn’t take much space on my desk at work or in my purse. The only problem I have with it physically is that the elastic used to hold the book shut never really stayed in place. I fixed that with a little glue and a couple of thoughtfully placed buttons I had laying around.

Other than that, the cover is pretty, the font isn’t unreadably tiny, and so far the themes of the individual searches have been pretty fun. The only other complaint I have is that sometimes the words within the themes can be repetitive. How many times do I really want to find the word “apple”? Not as many times as the publishers of Posh Pocket seems to think.

Overall, I would recommend this book of word searches. If you want a little something to take on the bus or train to work, or if you have downtime during your workday, I would definitely spend the $8.00. I’ve had mine for about a month and I’m about one-forth of the way through, if that. It absolutely works for what I bought it for. And if you’re not a word search kind of person, Posh Pocket has other activity books like sudoku and brain teasers.