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Music Round-Up

Today, dear readers, I’d like to share with you some of my latest musical obsessions.

I haven’t been able to stop listening to Owl City’s newest EP, Ultraviolet.  My favorite song off of the 4-track record is definitely Wolf Bite.  Check out the video:

I know Adam Young of Owl City has sort of fallen out of the radio spotlight since his huge hit Fireflies, but he’s still an amazing artist.  While I haven’t really actively been following his career, every time I hear something by him, even if it’s just a collaboration with another artist, I always love the song.

Another artist I’d like to share is my good friend John Kargol.  He recently released a music video for a song entitled Evening In Decline for an upcoming movie Izzie Midnight.  Check the video:

I’m actually really excited for Johnny-Boy.  He deserves all of the fame and then some.  He’s such a brilliant musician.  You should definitely check out some of the other songs he’s done.  My absolute favorite song he’s ever done is Not Getting Stronger.  Check out the demo version, posted by amazing drummer Brandon Lerbs:

I cannot wait for a final version of this to come out.  I could listen to this song all day every day.  It’s the first song I ever heard John perform.  It was actually the song that kind of sparked our friendship.  He performed in one of our classes at IPR, and I went up to him and just kind of gushed about how amazing he/the song was.  He’s come a long way since that performance, and it has been one of my greatest honors to watch him grow as a musician.

He’s definitely one to watch, my dear readers.  If you like well-thought out lyrics, intricate melodies, and the driest sense of humor you’ll ever come across, definitely check out John’s work in it’s entirety at his Facebook page, Soundcloud, or his YouTube channel.  Also check out some of the other projects he’s worked with.  Even though they’re not around anymore, The Spotted Sparrows was a fantastic band.  Same goes for Rockets to Nebraska, which contains two other magnificent artists: Brandon Lerbs and Bill Urbank.

Jam on, my lovely readers, until next time.