Character Development: Week 4

I’m a very visual person.  Especially when it comes to writing, I can’t just imagine it, I have to write it down or draw a picture or something along those lines.  I need to visually see what I’m thinking, if that makes sense.  This is doubly true for character development, I’ve found.

In order to visually see Amilee grow up and go to college and live her life, I decided to create her family in Sims 3.  I don’t get a whole lot of time to play, but when I do, not only is it fun, it really gives me a chance to get into Amilee’s head.  And not just hers, I get to know her parents as well.  I’ve found that Anthony is more laid back than his wife Victoria.  Tori is the one who really encouraged Amilee to study the things that interested her, not just what she needed to study for school.  Anthony would prefer to enjoy his daughter’s company – especially in the kitchen.  He loves cooking and baking with her.

I started her as a child and she just became a teen.  Now we’re into high school and first boyfriends and deciding what to go to college for.  It’s a really interesting time for Amilee.  Her mom is working harder and harder to save up funds for college while her dad just got a new dog, already fearing the empty nest.  These are things I don’t know if I would have imagined on my own without the prompts from within the game itself.

I do know I may go off on tangents in the Sims.  For example, right now, the Leroux’s are in China, adventuring in a tomb.  This is not something I really see them doing within the context of the story they’re the stars of.  But sometimes it’s fun to just play the game to play the game, regardless of the fact that I’m using the game as a tool.

How about you, my dear readers?  Do you ever use things like The Sims 3 to get to know your characters or even to develop plots?  Let me know in the comments!


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