Pinterest Projects: Pretty Planters

For my birthday a little over a month ago, my parents put some money towards an iPad (something I’ve been lusting after for years now).  My mom also gave me a certificate that granted me a shopping excursion with her at a time of my choosing.  I finally cashed it in, getting mainly odds and ends that I’ve been needing for a while, like a bigger trash can and an actual laundry hamper.

We also visited the ailing garden center at Walmart.  I rescued some of the more lively-looking plants to decorate my freshly cleaned patio, as I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to indoor gardens.  Sadly, since I have cats, indoor gardens are something of a dream for me.  But I was still inspired to get a little green in my life!

Planters1The dark purple plants are vinca.  The white flowers are begonias, the bright red blooms are New Guinea impatiens.  The multicolored bunch in the background are lantana.  And yes, I did keep the little tags saying what the plants were because otherwise, I would not have remembered.


The planters themselves were borrowed from mom’s garden collection.


The plants themselves didn’t look too healthy, but I actually planted them about a week and a half ago and they’re looking much better.


Mom’s feet in the background.  She helped me plant all of these since I’m pretty clueless when it comes to all things gardening.  I can keep an air plant alive no problem, but when it comes to putting things in pots, I’m not the most knowledgeable person around.


And lastly, here’s a close up of the lantana because they are gorgeous and I absolutely love them!  Look at those tiny little flowers!  And the colors are so perfect together!  AND it was a whole 50% off the original price!  Totally worth it.



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