Character Development: Week 2 (In A Hundred Words)

As I’ve been filling out more and more of the questions in my previous post, I decided this time I would explore a little bit about Millie’s workplace and grab a little snippet of an average day at the office for her.

The clock struck one. Millie sighed and looked around the office. Her coworkers were mostly at lunch, except for Sophia, who was working on the stack of faxes that needed to go out. There were a couple of people sitting in the waiting room, Mr. Jenkins and a younger man she didn’t recognize. He must be a new patient.

Millie started in her seat as the phone rang suddenly. She breathed in deeply and picked up the phone.

“Thank you for calling Dr. Moldove’s office. This is Millie. How can I help you today?” she answered, smile in her voice.


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