Weekly Update #31

Okay, dear readers, I am back with internet and back in action! Let me tell you about all the awesome things I’ve been up to.

Last week, I was petsitting the dog I usually do – Birdie. As always, she’s a sweet heart. And this time was especially nice because M decided he’d stay with me while I was staying at the dog’s house to watch her. It was nice because we got to spend all that time with each other. Since we both live with our parents, it’s hard to find time where it’s just us and no one else around. Even just sitting and watching tv in a house all by ourselves was nice.

Bonus: there was a pool. M and I both had July 4th off, and we spent just about all day in the pool. It was really fun! I hadn’t been in an actual pool in I don’t even remember how long.

When I got back into my regular routine at home, I got caught up in working. I’d neglected some chores while I was at Birdies (laundry is my main downfall), and my parents very kindly put up my armoire so I had to sort through all my clothes again and reorganize them. I have far too many clothes, so that was quite a task!

I’m getting back on track now, and posting will return to the regular schedule as of today. Thanks for bearing with me through this little bit of turbulence!


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