Weekly Update #30

This week, I shook things up a bit. I actually did things outside of work and hanging out with my boyfriend! Crazy, I know, right?

I’ve been getting pulled here and there for little tasks to assist my TL. I’m taking this as a good sign that hopefully in the near future I will be given more responsibility and more time off of the phones. I would very much like to be off of the phones. End goal in working in the call center is to get off the phones.

On Wednesday, me, my family, and M got together for a combined birthday dinner for me and my mother. Our birthdays are a week apart. We ended up going to Red Robin and because M kindly drove, I was able to have a couple of Orange Blitzes. They taste like liquid creamsicles and are gloriously alcoholic. Kate got a little buzzed. It was pretty sweet.

Then, on Saturday night, a bunch of us from work went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. Since some of us didn’t get off until 11:00, we didn’t meet up until 11:30. Which is actually pretty late for me. I’m usually asleep, or at the very least in bed, by 10:00. But it was nice to go out with friends since M was spending time with his family since he took overtime on his birthday this week.

Today, we celebrated M’s birthday by going to lunch with his family, then spent some time wandering around the local mall until it was time for the weekly tabletop gaming session. Which is actually where I am now, waiting for everyone to get here and/or update character sheets.

Looks like we’re getting ready to start. I’ll have to end it here, dear readers. Check back on Tuesday for some character development fun!


One thought on “Weekly Update #30

  1. Happy birthday. What did you receive for presents? & I love Red Robin, I seriously would become a glutton if there was one close to where I lived. That campfire sauce is amazing.

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