Weekly Update #27

Another week gone by,  another weekly update post.  This week was the same as most weeks.  Work, work, and more work.

I’ve been really grumpy lately for no reason I can really figure out.  I get really irritated really easily over the smallest things.  I don’t know if I’m just getting burnt out on work or what.  But in a few weeks, I have an extra day off – I got PTO for my birthday.  It’ll be a nice little break, and hopefully I’ll have enough PTO soon to take a whole week off.  That’ll be nice.

It may help that I had myself a nice cry today.  My friend and I went to go see The Fault In Our Stars.  She originally lent me the book, so it was only natural that we went  together.  All the tissues in the world would not have been enough for all the tears that we shed between us.    If you’ve read the book, or are fond of crying for basically two and a half hours straight, then I would definitely recommend TFIOS.

Sorry, my lovely readers, that this post is getting up so late.  Since I’ve gotten home from the movie, all M and I have done is marathon Orange Is The New Black.  Like I’m sure most of you know, Season Two is out on Netflix.  I’ve watched the first two episodes, and now I’m getting M into the show.  We’re marathoning Season One as I type this.  I don’t think we’re going to get a whole lot of sleep tonight.  Netflix always sucks us in.


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