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So, as you may have notice if you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, I’m really terrible at keeping any sort of posting schedule.  I can keep up with one for about two weeks and then I run out of things to write about because I don’t write posts ahead of time, even when I am attempting to stick to a schedule.

I’ve spent some time thinking about where to take Day Old Sushi from here, how I can make it feel like a “real” blog, for lack of a better term.  I realized one of the reasons I have such a hard time sticking to a schedule is because I’m not very organized when it comes to the blog.  And by “not very” I mean “not at all” organized.

I went on etsy and found a blog planner from PlanInk that I’m using to organize and plan posts.  I’ve been looking for a while for a planner set up that works the way I need it to and is set up simply without sections I don’t need.  And this blog planner seems to be it.  So we’ll see if it live up to my expectations.  It already is helping me keep track of post ideas and scheduling them.

On top of the organization and scheduling issue, I feel like I’ve been lacking a general theme for the blog.  It’s felt somewhat directionless.  But I think I’ve finally figured out what my blog is going to be about: whatever I want it to be about!  I’m labeling it as a personal blog, with writing and craft overtones.  Organizing my thoughts and ideas about posts and the blog in general helped me pick a focus for Day Old Sushi to work from.

I’m ready to get serious about blogging and the first step is to get organized and stick to a schedule!


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