In The Dog House

Last week I was dog-sitting again.  Same pup as always – Birdie.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Boo before, but she’s my mom’s co-worker’s dog.  I first pet-sat back in November for this sweet old pup, and this week makes it the third time I’ve had the pleasure of Birdie’s company.

But as much as I like watching Birds, every time I watch her, I realize how much more I love cats.  Okay, how much more I love my cats, specifically.  I am so much more of a cat person.

I like that my cats can handle themselves.  I like that I don’t have to take them for walks.  I like that they can fit in my lap, more or less.  I like that they are fine just being near me and I like that my two, at least, know when I’m not feeling well or when I’m upset and will try to comfort me.  I like that I can fall asleep with one curled up on each side of me (or, if Mr. English is over, then one by my head and one by my feet).

I’m sure it’d be different if it was my own dog.  I know it’s more about the connection you make with the animal.  But I’ve lived with roommates that have had dogs before, and it’s still just never quite the same connection as I have with my cats.

Maybe it’s that I’m more “independent” like cats are.  Actually, now that I think about it, my cats and I are very alike.  I do crave social interaction and attention from time to time, but when I’m done with that attention, I’m done with that attention and would prefer to be left alone with a book or video game.  My cats want attention when they want it and when they don’t, they’re fine napping in the cat tree or grooming themselves on the bed or whatever cats do when no one’s looking (my money is on plotting world domination).

There’s always been this idea or plan that someday I’ll adopt a dog for myself and I’ll suddenly become a dog person as much as I am a cat person, but maybe not so much.  Maybe it’s really gonna take a special pup to change my base personality from aligning more with cats to aligning more to dogs.  I do hope I can find that dog, though, someday.


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