Forever Student

The APAC site I work at is changing the type of calls that it mainly takes.  That means we all have a new round of training to go through.  Super fun!

In fact, I just started training yesterday.  We’re being trained on Medicare Part D.  And holy shit, is Medicare complicated!  Lord have mercy on my poor soul when I turn 65.  After two days, my head is spinning around and around.  I’m just waiting for it to puke and pass out at this point.

I probably won’t really understand any of this anyway until I start taking calls.  Four parts, four stages of coverage in one of those parts – right now it’s just a mess of numbers and stages and random information.  So until I’m able to get into an account and answer real questions that real people have,  it’s just not going to click for me.  It was like that when I trained in regular member services, too.  Nothing clicked until I was on the phones.

And of course, I’m the last group through the training.  So at least there’s tons of people on the floor that already know what they’re doing that I can ask if I need help.  The other good part about training is that I have weekends off for the next two weeks.  That’s two whole days off in a row that I get to spend with Mr. English.  Super bonus!


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