Weekly Update #22

Well, it’s been nearly a month since I’ve taken the time to actually sit down and write a fucking blog post. I’m only a little disappointed with myself.  But only a little because I have what I consider to be a good excuse.  All the time I don’t spend at work I spend with Mr. English.  Because that’s how I choose to set my priorities.  (And yes, I know I can spend time with him and write a post, which will start happening from here on out, but we’re still kinda in the honeymoon phase).

Anyway, I was also sick for a good chunk of time there.  Sick to the point where I lost my voice.  Do you know how hard it is to work at a call center and not have a voice?  So during that period of my month, I was also sleeping a lot and dying sometimes by coughing up a lung.  Or at least attempting to.

Back to my free time with my boyfriend.  I’ve gotten him into the show Supernatural (if you haven’t seen it, watch it.  If you don’t like emotional trauma from a TV show, don’t watch it).  So we’ve been switching back and forth between marathoning that and this really really incredibly weird anime Mystery Girlfriend X.  Don’t watch it.  Just… don’t watch it.  It’s really very awkwardly weird.

While we’re watching Supernatural, our conversation tends to be more along the lines of “Yeah, I’d be dead if I were in this episode” or “Man, I would have killed the bad guy like this instead of that.”  While we’re watching Mystery Girlfriend X, the conversation tends to be as follows:

Me: Wait, what?
Me: Are you freaking serious?  With the fucking DROOL again?!
Him: [laughs maniacally]

Again, my suggestion is to not ever watch Mystery Girlfriend X ever because it is definitely not worth it and you will be morbidly curious after the first episode.  I was.  We watched the very first episode and then I said “No, I really don’t want to watch this, this is way too fucking weird and stupid.”  And then about five minutes later, I said “Play the next one. I kinda have to know what happens.”  So, dear readers, don’t do it.  Take my advice and stay away from Mystery Girlfriend X.


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