Weekly Update #20

Holy shit.  20 weeks I’ve been writing this blog.  That’s a lot of weeks in my world.  Let’s talk about what else is going on in my world.

I agreed to a schedule change at work.  Instead of having Sundays and Mondays off, I agreed to switch to having Mondays and Wednesdays off so I could work web support on Sundays.  Kinda got a little screwed over because in switching from one schedule to the other, I’m stuck working six freaking days in a row.  Too much for me, honestly.  Three more days to go if I don’t freak out and drop off the face of the earth for a while.  I need a new job.

I’ve been working more and more on getting organized.  I’m still not completely unpacked (safe bet that I’ll never actually get unpacked), but I do have a few boxes that are full of just random stuff that doesn’t really have a home.  I’m working on making homes for those things, even if that home is in the trash.  I bought a plastic drawer set thing to house some of my craft supplies.  That was one of my better decisions.  Usually when I try to organize things, I just get a couple of boxes and shuffle things back and forth until I get frustrated and quit.  Buying something new to put my old things in was basically a stroke of genius on my part.  As I continue to organize, I’m going to continue making an effort to move things out of cardboard boxes and into plastic or fabric bins/containers.

And now, I’d like to gush for a minute about my wonderfully amazing boyfriend.  He is seriously the absolute sweetest thing ever.  I met his friends over the weekend, which was kind of a big deal for me.  I didn’t tell him, but I was just as nervous about meeting his friends as I was meeting his parents.  I had a really great time, but I think my favorite part of that day was when he surprised me by dancing with me.  We’d reached a point in the night were we were all taking turns playing different songs on YouTube and this song was put on:

And of course my lovely boyfriend takes my hand and starts whirling me around the room.  I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot just recounting it.  I never thought of myself as the romantic type until I started dating my boyfriend.  No one else has treated me the way he treats me.  Not that I’ve been treated poorly by ex-boyfriends.  Just that no one has gone out of their way to make it known that I am special like he has.

I really am one lucky girl to have found a guy like him.

Tune in again next week for another sickeningly gooey, gushy love story because lord knows I’ll never be able to shut up about all the cute things he does for me!


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