Weekly Update #19

Things happened this week like they do every week.  And I’m going to write about them.  Also like I do every week.

Let’s start with work things.  This past week was my last week in abay (a type of on-the-job training) and also my last week of ungodly 10-hour days.  Starting Tuesday, I go into my production schedule, meaning I no longer have to attempt to function in the mornings since my shift doesn’t start until 11:30.  I did, however, pick up some overtime.  Two hours on Monday, then I go in an hour early on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  Time and a half pay, yes please!

Moving on to personal life things, I’m happy to announce that I’m now officially dating the guy I’ve been seeing for the past month.  I haven’t come up with a clever pseudonym  for him yet, so for the time being I’ll just call him the Boyfriend.  I know I’ve referred to him as my boyfriend in at least one previous post, but labels are tricky.  And also don’t matter to me as much in this relationship as they did in previous relationships.

I’m more content spending time with someone I feel comfortable in my own skin around, someone that enjoys my company as much as I enjoy his.  Conversation flows easily between us and silence is comfortable.  I know I’ve said this about previous guys I’ve been involved with, but this time I really mean it when I say it feels natural to be around Boyfriend.  Not to mention, I’ve met his family and he’s met mine.  That hasn’t happened since my very first boyfriend, six years ago.

This relationship is a learning experience for me.  I haven’t made the best life choices when it comes to who I choose to involve myself with romantically.  So being in a relatively normal, stable relationship is actually kind of throwing me for a loop.  I’ll write more about this all in a later post, but it’s just really amazingly nice to be where I am right now (both in my relationship with Boyfriend as well as the fact that I’m sitting on his bed, typing this post at this very moment).

I’m kind of at a loss of how to end this update.  I guess I’ll leave it here and go do some research for some future posts so I can stick to my New Years resolution of posting three times a week.


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