What? 2013 is Evolving!

If you’re reading this right as it posted, then you’re spending your last moments of 2013 reading some weird chick’s blog.  Do you not have anything better to do?  No.  No you don’t.  But then again, I don’t have anything better to do than write a blog post in the last moments of 2013…

Looking back, this has been a hell of a year for me.  Started off kinda shitty, continued to be a little bit shitty, but then got significantly better.  And let me tell you why 2013 was shitty and then got better.  It has nothing to do with the things that happened to me and everything to do with how I reacted to the things that happened to me.

January of 2013 saw me in this weird quasi-relationship-that-wasn’t-really-a-relationship that was unhealthy for me in every way a relationship can be unhealthy.  That ended in February.  March and April were spent trying and failing at getting my life together after graduating from college for the third time.  May was all about helping out my parents deal with some intense shit.  June, July, August, and September all saw me continuing to fail at finding a job and being an adult in general.  October found me pretty low after being forced at financial gunpoint to move back in with my parents.  November, I found a job.  December, I found a boyfriend.

“But Kate,” I hear you all saying, “2013 stopped being shitty when you got a job and started a healthy relationship with a respectable and adorable guy!  Those are things that happened to you!”  Oh, my dear readers.  Yes, those are things that happened to me, but I wouldn’t have gotten the job if I hadn’t changed my attitude towards being unemployed for so long and getting nothing but no’s for over a year.  And if I hadn’t changed my attitude towards my own self-worth, I wouldn’t have asked my guy out and we wouldn’t be where we are in our relationship (pro tip: we are in a good spot.  A very good spot).

The point is, until I decided that I was worth more than what I was getting, I was always going to get the same shit out of life.  Changing my attitude and believing that I deserve better from life, others, as well as myself changed my year.  It transformed 2013 from shitty into pretty damn awesome.  And I plan to keep the good vibes going well into 2014.

Happy New Year, my dear readers, and many happy returns to you and yours.


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