Weekly Update #18

What a week, my dear readers!  Work was, well, work.  The weather here in Iowa decided to take a cue from Minnesota weather and drop ice and snow and more ice on us.  And I did something I never thought I’d actually be capable of doing.

At work, I’m still getting an average of 91 on my calls.  Passing is 92.  They’ve got us in an extra week of abay (training) so we have more time on the phones with people to help us before they let us loose on our own.  Sadly, in order to have Christmas off this week, it’s another 4-day week with 10-hour days.  8 AM to 6:30 PM.  Pretty much all on the phones.  Do not want.  Do not want at all.  The kicker is then the week after next, it’s more 10-hour days so we get New Years Day off.  No thanks, I’ll just work my nice 8-hour days please.  No?  Oh, this is mandatory?  Uh, okay, I guess…

There’s some sort of sickness going around work to boot.  A couple of people have been out for days at a time with a virus.  Friday I started feeling ill.  I’m still not feeling quite 100%, but I think I’ve dodged the bullet.  At least, for now.  As a reminder, lovely readers, I don’t have the strongest immune system around.  I’ve become known as “perma-sick” to my friends because I always have at least some sort of head cold.  So I’m fully expecting to catch whatever’s going around, if I haven’t already and it isn’t just laying dormant, waiting for the worst possible time to strike me down.  Because germs are clearly evil creatures.

Friday we here in the QCA got a pretty solid glaze of ice throughout the course of the day.  Freezing rain on and off, with more freezing rain and sleet on Saturday night, followed by god knows how much snow today (Sunday, for those of you who are too lazy to look at a calendar).  Two of my coworkers were unable to drive on Friday, so I went to pick them up in my lovely Toyota Highlander, thinking I could handle the ice with four wheel drive.  I was wrong.  The main roads were alright, but side streets were terrible.  And of course I had to use side streets to get to my coworker’s houses.  Not looking forward to driving to work tomorrow morning, because even if it doesn’t snow any more tonight, the roads will still be icy and if Iowa drivers are anything like Minnesota drivers, everyone will completely forget how to drive in snow.  I think it’ll be alright as long as there’s no more precipitation.  Pardon me while I go glare at the clouds gathering above, ready to drop a few more inches of snow just to spite me.

As for the thing I mentioned that I never thought I’d ever be capable of doing, I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t know how the other party feels about being written about on a public blog, but I am proud to announce that at 25 years of age, I, Kate, have finally had the confidence to ask a guy out.  Ohmygod, I know, right?!?!?!  So non-traditional!  Alright, enough of the sarcastic fake reactions.  Really though, if you’d asked me a year ago whether I thought I’d ever be confident enough in myself to make that first move, I would have laughed until my sides burst and covered you in my blood, laughing all the way until my very last breath.  But on Friday, I put on my big girl pants and did it.  I thought, “Well, the very worst he can do is say no, and what’s so bad about that?  It’ll be his loss more than mine.”  “Woah,” my inner voice replied, “When the hell did you get so cheeky?”  My inner voice is apparently from the UK.  Or at least pretends to be.

Anyway, long story short, I was a smooth mothafucka when I asked and he answered in the affirmative.  And I’ll leave the story there until I find out how much trouble I’ll be in for writing about him on the internet.


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