It’s All About the Cha-Ching

Well, dear readers, my first paycheck has come and gone.  Not gone gone, but mostly gone.  I would like to say that I was a responsible adult with my first real paycheck in about a year and a half.  I’d really like to, but I can’t quite go that far.

The first thing I did with my money was responsible and very adult of me – I paid my student loan bill.  Good for me!  I also paid a few other outstanding bills.  Then I spent the rest of it.  To be fair, I bought a bunch of stuff I needed to make a bunch of Christmas presents.  And I bought a few gifts that I can’t DIY.

I mean, yeah, of course I also bought a bunch of stuff for myself.  Things I’ve wanted for months but haven’t had the disposable income to purchase.  Like a cute new coat.  And a new pair of Chucks (I’m obsessed).  And an Achievement Hunter t-shirt.  And some video games (used, of course).  And lots of other unnecessary stuff.  Like candy and ice cream and nail polish.

I’m surprised by how quickly and easily I spent my money now as compared to how stingy I would be when I didn’t have a steady job.  Knowing there’s more money on the way eases my iron grip on my bank account.  I mean, if anything, I’m more mindful of how much I’m spending even though I’m spending quite a bit.

But now that I have the rush of buying things and not really worrying about having money for food and bills out of the way, maybe I can put a budget together.  Or save up to by an iPad.  Yeah, totally gonna get me an iPad.  Wanted one for years, and I’m finally gonna get one.  It’ll only take 2 paychecks for a new one and I’ve got my eye on a nice refurbished one for about $300 less.  I may have money now, but I’m still a cheap skate!


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