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In A Hundred Words

I know I’m not doing so well on posting frequently on here.  I’m hoping I can remedy this in the next week or two.  For now, enjoy sporadic posts of whatever I feel like!  Like this post!  Have a flash fiction story!

Her foot slipped and she started to fall. The fall continued as she braced herself to feel the hard concrete against her pale hands, squeezing her eyes shut.

It continued past the point where she should have hit the ground. The feeling that she was falling forward didn’t stop when she felt the cold roughness of the ground beneath her.

There was no pain shooting through her palms, her wrists, her shoulders. She could feel earth around her, but she kept falling.

She was terrified of opening her eyes, seeing a different world. The fall that started would never end.

Yet again, another story inspired by Welcome to Night Vale and HP Lovecraft.  Stay tuned for more In A Hundred Words updates!  Maybe someday I’ll write something cute and fluffy instead of odd and terrible.  No promises, though.