In A Hundred Words

Today’s post is anther mini-story.  I’ve been on a kick writing them the past few days after marathoning episodes of Welcome to Night Vale and reading some H.P. Lovecraft inspired stories.   And my own writing has definitely taken on the tone of the things I’ve been listening to/reading.

Anyway, here’s a taste of what Lovecraft and Night Vale does to my writer’s brain.

The scent of lavender was overpowering. So much so that the detective shielded his nose with his sleeve. The officer who had responded to the 911 call coughed heavily as he led the detective through the crime scene.

“It’s through there, sir.” The officer motioned towards what seemed to be a hidden door. The detective nodded, dismissing the shaken officer, and stepped into the room.

Lavender covered every surface. Dried lavender hung from the ceiling and plastered the walls. Pots of lavender carpeted the floor. It was woven through her dark hair. Even her blood looked more purple than red.

And there ya go.  Horror and nonchalance about that horror.  My new favorite genre.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

Whatever the genre, enjoy the journey.



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