Weekly Update #5

It’s time yet again for a weekly update, dear readers!  This one’s gonna be short since I’m not feeling well.

Last weekend, my mom came up and helped me get a lot of my stuff packed.  After she went back to IA, I continued the cleaning streak by tackling my digital life.  I spent a good two days going through all three of my external hard drives and all the files on my Mac, deleting and rearranging and organizing.  Then I lost my steam towards the end of the week.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work a booth at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  It was a 9 hour day out in the heat and dust.  It was fun, I got paid, and I get to do it next weekend, too!  The highlight of my day was when a Doctor Who cosplayer dressed as Eleven passed my booth.  I yelled out “Bow ties are cool!” and I got a smile and a bow tie fix in return.  I literally jumped for joy.

But now I’ve got a mess in my sinuses.  I think it’s from all the dust.  But since I got home last night, my head feels like it’s going to explode.  I’ve gone through two boxes of tissues already, and my sinuses show no sign of slowing down.  So I’m taking it easy for a couple of days and hope I’m not feeling shit when I work next weekend.

However you feel, enjoy the journey.



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