In A Hundred Words

Today, instead of a topic post, I’m gonna share some creative writing.  But first, I’m gonna give you, dear readers, a little information on what’s going to become a regular thing.

For these new In A Hundred Words posts, the challenge is to (obviously) write a story in a mere one hundred words.  The thing is, this is much more difficult than it sounds.  In just one hundred words, you as the writer have to convey an entire beginning middle and end of a plot.  You have to develop a character and portray that character’s personality.  It’s an intense exercise in writing.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my first In A Hundred Words.

The hallway was silent. Lockers hung open on their tarnished hinges, shreds of decaying backpacks dripping from what hooks hadn’t rusted away. Rats scurry to their dark hiding places as I pass.

My heart beat in my chest so loud that I could hear it echoing just as loud as my own footsteps. I took a breath in.

Something else breathed out. I could feel the heat of it behind me. My blood ran cold. The rats had stopped scurrying. Without other sound to mask it, I could hear the faint drip splat of saliva hitting the cracked tile floor.

Please feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think!

An remember to enjoy the journey as creatively as possible!



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