I daydream. A lot.  About everything.  And one of those everythings I daydream a lot about is how I’m going to change my lifestyle once I move to Japan.

Part of it is imagining my “perfect” life.  Part of it is knowing I need to change my ways to be healthier and happier regardless of where I’m living.  Part of it is wanting to just completely reinvent myself and be a different version of me.

I imagine how I would decorate my room/apartment: what kind of furniture I’d get, how I’d make conscious choices to accent the room, the color scheme of each room, how I’d style the things I owned/used in an aesthetically pleasing way.

I imagine how I’d pitch my entire wardrobe and get all brand new clothes in a brand new style.  No more band t-shirts and baggy jeans.  I imagine myself wearing fashionable, well-fitting jeans and pants with plain tanks and t-shirts, layering blouses or cardigans over top.  I imagine myself sporting natural-looking make-up and easy, “thrown together” hair styles.

I imagine myself eating healthier, being more physically active, waking up earlier, being more productive on a daily basis, cleaning every day and keeping everything neat and tidy.  I imagine myself drinking tea on the balcony, surrounded by greenery, reading a book in the dimming light of sunset.  I imagine myself sitting at a local cafe with a notebook and pen, fleshing out one of the million stories swirling around my mind.  I imagine myself taking more and better photos and getting paid to do so.

But here’s the thing.  Most of this stuff doesn’t actually depend on where I’m living.  If I want a fresh start, I can just make a fresh start.  It won’t be as easy to reinvent myself if I’m surrounded by things from my “old life,” but it’s doable.

For instance, if I want to start eating healthier, I can simply start eating healthier.  I know it’s not that simple, but I could make better choices regarding the food I eat.  I could absolutely start going for daily walks and build up into daily runs.  It would take dedication, but it’s doable.  If I want to read more, I should just grab a book, walk to the park, and sit and read.  Not difficult by any means.

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but sometimes I feel trapped in my life.  I feel trapped in this version of myself.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t go read in the park because I have other issues I need to work on first.

I feel like I can’t do one thing without doing some other thing first.  But I’m currently up in Nevis, MN, staying with one of my best friends and getting prepared for his wedding on Sunday.  And you know what I did today?  I sat out on a boat for hours and read.  I drank water instead of soda.  I did a lot of walking yesterday at the State Fair.

These are things I could do every day.  I could read every day.  I could drink water every day.  I could go walk every day.  But when I’m at home in my apartment, I feel like I’m back in a cycle of eating junk food, sleeping all day, and just sitting around watching whatever I find mildly interesting on Netflix.

As I was thinking about this and working out what exactly I was going to write about for this post, I thought to myself ‘Yeah, I don’t have to wait until I move to Japan to make these changes.  I can do it when I move home in October!

And then I realized what I’d just thought.  That’s the whole point of this post.  I don’t need to wait for some major life event to change the things I want to change about myself and my lifestyle.

Because it’s your journey and you deserve to enjoy it exactly the way you want.



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