Weekly Update #2

Time for a weekly update of the goings-on of my life!  Because I know you’re all so interested in what I’ve been up to.  I mean, keeping tabs on my schedule will help all of you, my dear readers, to figure out the best times and places to stalk me.  I’m sure that’s the only reason you all read my blog.

Anyway, I haven’t really been up to much.  Slowly packing for my impending move back to IA.  A lot of the things I’ve acquired over the years are things that I could probably stand to get rid of.  So a lot of my clothes, knickknacks, and other odds and ends are going to Good Will or, in the event that I can’t give it away, in the trash.  Where it will probably be taken away, either by trash collector or garbage man.  Some of my furniture that I won’t be needing at home or taking to Japan I’m trying to find good homes for.  My couch is already safely rescued by my dear friend John, but I still am looking to rid myself of a coffee table, an end table, and a TV stand, if anyone in the Minneapolis area that reads this might be interested.

My flight to Seattle has been booked!  Hotel also booked!  I’m excited to get this process underway because I just want a “Yes, we’d like to hire you and you will be working in Nagoya and you can start in March.” Those are all the things I want, by the way.  I would like to be hired, I would like to work in Nagoya, and I would like to start training in March.  But I can’t get any of those answers until September.

I’m going to be photographing one of my best friend’s wedding this weekend.  I’m heading up north to Nevis on Thursday and probably won’t come back until Monday at the earliest.  I’ll be staying at Mike’s parents’ cabin, which I’ve been to before and absolutely adore.  It’ll be a nice change in pace and scenery.  Also, it’s on a lake and I plan on getting some color.  The color will be bright red because I’m the whitest of whites and don’t tan.  I will do my best to post my weekly update on Sunday, like always, but I make no promises.  I never make any promises.

To fill in all of the free time I have being self-employed, I’ve been starting to prep for my hopeful move to Japan.  I cracked open one of my old textbooks from when I studied in Japan and went “uuugh, whaaa?” because I couldn’t read it as naturally as I could read English.  I used to be pretty fluent, but I haven’t spoken, written, or read Japanese since I moved to Minnesota and it shows.  So I’m working through some of my older textbooks to get back some of my fluency.

In the rest of my free time, I’ve been watching an anime called Fairy Tail, which is really good.  And me saying an anime is really good means it’s really good because I don’t usually like many anime.  I know, shocking that someone who loves all things Japan doesn’t automatically love all things anime.  And then there is Night Vale.  Oh, dear readers, Night Vale!  If you enjoy Lovecraft-ian stories, then you will most definitely probably enjoy the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.  If you are already part of the Night Vale inner circle, then please join me in hailing the Glow Cloud.  ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GLOW CLOUD MASTER OF US ALL.




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