DOS Weekly Update #1

I’m still trying to figure out the best posting schedule for me and for this blog. It’ll probably be changing pretty often until I settle in to a steady job and sort out my posting schedule with Anne. So please bear with me as I get it all sorted out! For the time being, I’m trying to post bi weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays, with Sundays being just a weekly update and Wednesdays being in depth on a certain subject. I’d like to add some creative writing or crafting in somewhere along the line, but I haven’t figured that bit out yet.

Before this becomes a post about me trying to figure out what to post, let me recap my week for all you curious people out there.

Last weekend, I cat-sit for one of my best friends. I’m doing the same this weekend. His two boys, Blackie and T (Tail Light), are very comfortable around me as I’ve been hanging out with them since I moved to MN in 2010. I make it a point to spend several hours over at my friend’s apartment so the kitties can have some company. I use that time to come up with blog post ideas and do research on those ideas as needed. I mean to use that time to get some creative writing done or work on my cross stitch or read some more of Good Omens, but I end up watching Always Sunny and intermittently napping on the couch instead.

Tuesday, I went to see The National play at Roy Wilkins with two of my best friends and a fiance. Mike and John were down on the floor while Missy (Mike’s fiance) and I had balcony seats. It was an amazing night. I got to get to know Missy better, as Mike is one of my best friends, and got to see an awesome show. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of The National, but I have listened to them and do enjoy them from time to time. The way I describe it is I don’t really actively seek to listen to them when I’ve got iTunes on shuffle, but if The National comes on I don’t skip it. But holy crap, these guys were 200x better live, in my opinion. Their music is pretty mellow, at least from what I’ve listened to, and that’s not my favorite thing for music to be, but when this band was on stage I was riveted. I was recording it for Mike, and I cannot wait to get a copy of the show to watch over and over and over again.

Notice how this BAMF doesn’t use a microphone. His voice is that powerful. I was in complete awe. I can’t say enough good things about The National.

I gained some new followers on Instagram because of the show, too, which makes me happy. I was taking pictures and videos pretty much non-stop until my phone died and tagging them, as instructed by The National on Facebook, #ntnlroy and I’m actually really impressed with the photos I was able to get with my phone’s camera in the balcony. Pretty sure you can find my Instagram at the bottom of this blog, so just keep scrolling. And if you don’t see it there, I was lying and I’m sorry, I’ll fix it shortly.

Wednesday and Thursday were just kinda chill days. I ran errands when I needed to, but mostly stayed home and played Skyrim and started looking at places that are hiring in the QC.

Thursday night, I got the reply from ECC. It was actually sent to me several days before I actually saw it, but it slipped through the cracks and ended up in the junk folder. I don’t know why, I added the email address the application told me I’d be getting a reply from so that wouldn’t happen, but computers, man. What’s up with those things, am I right? [insert forced laugh here] Anyway, I called my mom at, like, 11:30 PM and woke her up. I’m sorry mom! I was just super excited! I hope you got back to sleep!

Friday, I discussed with my father how this would all go down because I had to reply by yesterday about what dates/locations I could interview at. I was frustrated because to me, it didn’t seem like dad was taking this as seriously and urgently as I thought it needed to be dealt with. But Saturday morning, we got it sorted out and a reply sent off. I just really hope I didn’t miss the deadline and that I get a reply tomorrow about interview dates.

Other than all of that, I’ve been listening to an inordinate amount of Mumford & Sons‘ new album Babel lately. I was really digging the music because I’m basically in love with Mumford’s voice, but when I started listening to the lyrics, they were sometimes-not-so-subtly Christian. Which weirds me out a little bit, seeing as I’m not really religious by any stretch of the imagination. But my religious beliefs is a whole ‘nother string of posts to deal with at a later date. For now, have a video and a song that I absolutely love beyond words.

Enjoy the journey, guys.



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