Thank You For Your Consideration

Last Tuesday night I filled out and sent in an application for ECC.  It was incredibly nerve-wracking to sit there and try to answer questions like “Describe your personality/character” and make the little teaching experience I have seem like I have a good grasp of what I’m doing in a classroom.  Thankfully, my friend Anne was there to help me out.  She’s worked for ECC for three years and knows what the company is looking for in a teacher.

The application process is entirely online.  After you submit your application and double-check the information you entered and submit it again, the website informs you that you’ll get a reply in 12 days, if you’re chosen by the powers that be in the ECC hiring hierarchy.  Seeing as I submitted my application around 9 PM, I figured no one would start processing it until Wednesday morning.  So, 12 days from the date I submitted myself for the consideration of ECC – July 31 – ends up falling on Sunday, August 11th.  But, me being typical overly nervous, constantly over-thinking me, obviously need to compensate for weekends, even if ECC’s website doesn’t explicitly say “business days.”  That gives me until August 15th before I start freaking out and crying about not getting the job.

However, as Anne informed me, this “12 day” reply policy is not very strict.  According to her, she got her invitation to an interview after the 12 day period.  And there’s apparently a similar time restraint on hearing back after your interview.  Which also seems to not apply in some cases.  Like Anne’s case.  She didn’t get a job offer until after the “we will reply to you within XX days” deadline.

This all means that I am going to worry unnecessarily until I have a clear, definitive answer as to whether or not I can continue in ECC’s hiring process.  Getting this job will change my life.  And I’m not being dramatic.  It’s either get this job now or move back in with my parents to save money.  One thing is clearly preferable over the other.  (Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I’m beyond grateful that they’re willing and able to help me out).  So, until I know for sure what my future holds, I’m going to sit here and have a mini heart attack every time my phone alerts me that I have a new email.  I’m going to rack my brain trying to remember if I mistyped my email address (I know for a fact that I didn’t, but facts don’t matter to my nerves).  I’m going to count down the days, the hours, the very minutes until I get a reply.  Or don’t get a reply.

This is the most nervous I’ve ever been about a job.  I just need to breathe and believe I put forth my best face on my application.  If I don’t get an interview, then I’ll just have to apply and try again.  I need to remember that one rejection does not mean I should give up.

Whatever happens, enjoy the journey.



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